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No, no, we’re not a furniture-solutions company suggesting that bed-hopping is the solution (no judgement) Instead, we’re a furniture-solutions company telling you the story of how one relationship went through many mini-relationship cycles, and where we came into it…

Mini-relationship 1: Mina and Arvind met on campus like so many young and ambitious kids in India do nowadays. They spent the rest of their course in an alternatingly sun and rain-drenched haze; of classes spent chatting online with one another, and breaks spent chilling at various hangouts on campus. And nights, well, we won’t get into that- it’s private, isn’t it? And this is a family-friendly website after all (#pornban #flopshow anybody?)

Come graduation, unlike some of their other batch mates, Mina and Arvind were posted in the same city, Bengaluru. And given that things between them were still casual-like, each took a studio apartment in adjacent neighbourhoods close to their respective offices, and immersed themselves in the heady double-confusion of being in a new city and a new job. Fresh mobile numbers, new handsets (goodbye grotty campus phone!) new bank accounts, ALL that first-day form filling! Figuring out where to shop, eat, drink, gym, swim, yada, yada, yada…

Mini-relationship 2: Same Mina, same Arvind, but work has taken over in earnest, and the time they had for each other thinned out, and tempers were frayed- sometimes Arvind’s, at other times Mina’s. The details are mundane, but the crazy, gut-twisting frustration of those early fights are all too real and bittersweet for most of us, no? Many break-ups and patch-ups happened (like quitting smoking over and over) and various jealousies reared their heads and leered at them.
Arvind: “Your phone’s ringing again yaar, Mina! Isn’t this the same bozo who called last week while we were watching that movie? What’s the deal?”
Mina: “Arvind, why does this woman call you ‘sweetheart’ in her sms’es?”… You get the drift.

Mini-relationship 3: Nineteen months later, same Mina, same Arvind; battle-weary but still in love. Albeit a very different kind of love- frayed, torn and mended repeatedly, like your grandmother’s favourite shawl. Arvind woke up one random morning and decided he had to be with Mina for the rest of their lives – there was no point dragging on like this. Together or bust, once and for all. And so he proposed. “Oh thank God!” Mina exclaimed, “I was getting ready to pop the question to you myself! Yes! Let’s get past this phase please, I love you.” And so it began again, another transformation of who they were. Now a fiancé and fiancée, with each other’s parents now throwing ALL of Hell into the mix. The tumult was borne somehow without them breaking up… And finally, the day dawned- a bit grey, nippy and pleasant as only a Bengaluru day could be. Mina, daughter of… weds Arvind, son of… cue Nadaswarams.

Mini-relationship 4: New wife, new husband. And thankfully, no parents to contend with, as Mina and Arvind script their life together in an airy, ‘as-roomy-as-we-can-afford’ 1BHK in Whitefield. They buy a small hatchback with a car loan, and find they’ve barely any money left over after all the deposits and appliance buys… Regretfully, they plan to buy mattresses to chuck on the floor and large cushions to sit on… such a cliché- like an ‘out-of-luck’ couple from Arvind’s sister’s favourite Mani Ratnam movie! Oddly enough, Mary Leela (their cook) comes to the rescue, “Why you don’t rent nice furniture, akka? Like that Sharma people in B Wing.”

Mina googles ‘furniture rentals Bangalore’ and comes upon, hmmm… Amidst sundry small arguments about whose turn it is to run the washing machine, and how to file expenses, Mina and Arvind jointly browse the website and surprisingly swiftly, they arrive at a combination of furniture to rent on a monthly subscription, with soft furnishings and linens- theirs to keep – a Mili 1BHK plan for their living, dining and bedroom areas, all for under Rs. 5000 per month. “Whatta find!” They book their package, and in just two days, a team arrives and sets up the entire flat. Sundry arguments forgotten for now, Mina and Arvind sit down at their cheerful dining room set to a candle-lit dinner in their newly-furnished home.

Mini-relationship 5: Same Mina, same Arvind. Script under development…

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