Ah the bittersweet joys of convocation! That white/cream sari, or your first suit perhaps, the mandatory jump-in-the-air photograph while tossing up graduation caps, and the formal class-portrait that will become ever-so important as you lose touch with, and forget a good 2/3rd of your classmates. Then followed by the frenzied few days of throwing your things into bags and cartons, while you convince/scam juniors to buy stuff off you and scan everybody’s hard disks & laptops for movies, shows, music, comics and eBooks to voraciously copy so that you can watch/listen to/read later (heads up: it’s unlikely you’ll actually ever go through all of it- but hey, copy away!)

Finally, you leave campus. For good. Your class scatters to different cities, and some of you get postings in Bengaluru, now also nimma metro- your host as you make your way through office-culture, its highs and pitfalls, for the first time. As much of a learning as your new job is, navigating life as a newly-minted singleton is a whole new ballgame. Maybe you’ve stayed at a company guesthouse for a week or so, you’ve asked around and got 3-6 broker numbers on your phone and called them, and been shown homes. Depending on your temperament, you either decided on one within the first few shows, or it took you the entire week and multiple visits to umpteen houses before you chose a studio or 1BHK apartment for yourself, and possibly a roommate who’s possibly a batch-mate.

In the early days at setting up your apartment, multiple purchase decisions vie for a share of your first couple of salaries. A fridge possibly, a TV for sure (thank God for second-hand-sale Facebook groups and eBay!) a steel or pressed-wood cupboard from the local furniture street, and mattresses you’ll toss on the floor covered in your hostel sheets for now. For those so inclined, a gas connection perhaps, if you plan to do anything more ambitious than boiling milk, water and eggs. All that done, you (and your roomie) scan the house and take stock- it’s Spartan, and not too homey, but it’ll have to do you suppose (with a sigh)

NOT TRUE. You do not have to settle for the lean, mean, I’m-still-poor look for your first apartment. You could instead have a bright, cheery, well-furnished space that moms and sundry, visiting relatives will approve of, and talk to their neighbours about. “Eh? How?” you wonder. Cue Furlenco. “Cue, who?” you ask.

Furlenco, we rent out furniture to newly-minted Bengalur’ians in easy-peasy, endlessly-customisable subscription-plans ranging from Rs. 999 upwards. “999? But dude, I blow more than that on movie tickets in a month!” Exactly the point. Visit our website, and see how you can turn your lean and mean, singleton space into a warm, welcoming hang-out zone that you’ll be proud to have your friends chill-out in, your mom inspect, and hopefully score some quality action in.

We’ve got single beds that we rent out with mattresses and linens. Or, you could ramp-up your game and rent a room-set that’ll also include a bedside table, lamp and photo-frame. Our guys will come around in 3 working days tops, and install it for free. If the look bores you after some months, you can explore the site and our other ranges and consider changing things up. And the best part is, there’s no commitment, if work takes you to another city, just return it all back to Furlenco (except the linens- those you get to keep), and move to your next posting- footloose, and ready to embark on your next adventure. Live well, and prosper!

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