Excitement. Anxiety. Optimism. Nervousness. Joy. Confusion.

These are just some of the emotions that you will experience when you plan to move to a new city. There will be a lot of new things to look forward to, but the fact that you’re leaving the place you called home until now leaves you with mixed feelings.

But relocating need not be a stressful, harrowing experience. Sure, there will be a lot to learn about your new city and this is where technology ensures you’re not alone in a new place. Here are a few apps that you can download to help you navigate your life in the new city once you have relocated.


Your first obvious step when you are relocating is to look for a new house. In a traditional setting, you would have hired a broker, roamed around the city visiting possible options, and ended up paying a hefty sum as the brokerage fee. And why not? We all want to be doubly sure before zeroing in on our perfect home. But, if you want to avoid dealing with a broker and also have the perfect place to call home, there are plenty of apps like NoBroker, Nestaway, Grabhouse that help you in every step of buying/renting a house.



The mattress on the floor was supposed to be a temporary setting. You promised yourself you’d buy furniture. But, between “I will save” and “I will wait for the sale”, your house still looks the same. So, why make a big investment and buy furniture when you can rent awesome furniture from Furlenco. You don’t know where life is going to take you next, so why commit to buying furniture and being stuck with it. Be diffeRENT and rent furniture.

 3. FOOD

What is more important than glorious, yummy food? Now that you’re living on your own, it is the healthier option to cook food at home. But, really, there will be days when you come home after a long day, you want to just sit back and order in and fair enough, you deserve it.

You can spoil yourself with applications like Zomato, Swiggy, Foodpanda and get your food delivered right at your doorstep.


The best way to get around a new city is to test out their public transport. Cities like Delhi and Mumbai come with applications like The Metro App and  M-Indicator, which are of great use if you are trying to catch the trains. Apps like Ola and Uber help you get around the city by road. But, if you feel like getting behind the wheel yourself or going off on a long drive/ride over the weekend, ZoomCar and WickedRide let you rent vehicles just for that.


Living by yourself would also mean taking care of your house. Keeping it clean is just the basic stuff. There will be times when you need a plumber or an electrician or an epic cleaning service the night after an epic house party. That’s when Urban Clap, Housejoy, and Bro4u can assist you in maintaining your home.

And if you’re in Bangalore, you also have Dunzo, a personal task management app that can help you with anything and everything.

Plucking yourself from your familiar home setting and relocating to a new city can be scary but, don’t forget to have fun with it. With so many friends in the form of mobile apps, you will soon learn to adapt to it and its ways. Happy relocating!

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