Furniture rental has taken off in a big way in India or as we millennials say – it is lit!, Especially in the cities and urban areas. While many people have taken to furniture rental wholeheartedly, there are still a few myths about furniture rental and what it means. Here, we have drawn up a list of the six most common misconceptions of furniture rental in India.

Renting Furniture Myths

Renting furniture is expensive

Furniture rental isn’t just about money. Owning a piece of furniture simply isn’t as appealing as it once used to be. For those of us living fast-paced lives, buying furniture can be expensive and cumbersome. Case in point – the time and money spent packing or disposing of belongings when moving houses. Another misconception about furniture rental is that deposits are high or non-refundable. The truth is that most companies have a nominal deposit that is only deducted in case you axe down the furniture.

Renting is for bachelors

Another misconception of furniture rental is that it is not for families. This is mostly cultural conditioning and has got nothing to do with finance or logic. A commitment to your partner does not have to extend to your furniture! And we all know that buying the wrong furniture, can be an expensive affair. Buyer’s remorse is real folks! So take it one step at a time, and rent instead.

Renting means limited choice

The biggest furniture rental myth out there: renting equals a lack of choice. No way! Today, most furniture rental companies offer a range of choices not just in design, but size, colour and finishing. We understand that mahogany and brown are not the same. So go ahead and rent that coffee table that’s perfect just for you.

Rented furniture is unhygienic

Renting furniture is not the same as second-hand ownership. In fact, there are rental companies that offer solid wood furniture designed in-house. In case of returns, the companies spend a significant time refurbishing the furniture, making them as good as new. And for the germaphobes out there: yes, the fabric is often replaced or cleaned thoroughly with disinfectant before it comes to you.

Only living room furniture can be rented

Another one of those myths about furniture rental is that it limited to the living room. Modern furniture rental covers everything from children’s bedroom, study rooms, packages for the kitchen to appliance packages that include a television, washing machine or even a microwave. So go ahead and rent the perfect home you always wanted.

Renting furniture is complicated

This is a furniture rental myth that needs to be busted right away. If anything, it is purchasing furniture that is complicated. You rent furniture because you don’t want to worry about selling it or taking it around with you. There are rental companies that offer seamless service, right from delivery to taking it away.

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