So you’re young and employed, but maybe not as rich as you’d like to be. The best part about Diwali is gift envelopes (score, baby, score!) Ghar ka khana is great and all, but at home. When cooking alone, you make pretty salads and avoid carbs like crazy – it’s weight loss, no gas/stoves, AND Instagram creds – 1 stone, 3 birds!

You shop at Zara, Vero Moda and Mango sales, and rent a teeny 1BHK in Mumbai. You’ve sublet the living room once in a while for some extra cash – to friends of friends, or colleagues who’ve just moved into the city. You’re also listed on couchsurfing.com to save on stay when you travel – which you try and do often. You’ve made a few friends (and hooked up with some) that way.

Pinterest is your go-to app for killing time, and firang street and celeb style aside, you follow a bunch of Indian fashion bloggers, and scour missmalini.com and highheelconfidential.com – like, to bitch about celeb style and all with friends, for later. Instagram is the shizz, and you follow everyone who’s anyone in international fashion, makeup and interior design.

So, here’s a few tips on how you can up your style cred, without tearing through your salary.

Get salon styled, once in a while – Don’t you just love blow dries? Spending under 1k to get your hair looking sleek and on-fleek. Reserved for drinks and dinner hosted by your boss, or date night with the super-fly guy you right-swyped on Tinder.

Rent an Instagram-ready décor – No need to ‘mattresses on the floor, and no chairs’ like some raddi student. Hit up furlenco.com and rent out a sweet suite of contemporary furniture, whatever your budget, we’ve got stuff for you. Check us out.

How to make your parties ‘pin’teresting – Before every hang-out with friends, put real flowers in old wine bottles and scatter them around the house among fairy light arrangements. Raid mum’s wardrobe for old twinkly saris to repurpose as cushion throws and lamp covers to soften the light to a warm glow. Keep cutting-chai glasses handy to serve everything and anything in.

Attend free movie screenings and lectures – they’re a great way to meet interesting new people (Pre-vetted for good taste- you’re there, aren’t you? Hence proved.) and have your mind-opened by new ideas, beautiful visuals and concepts – who knows where it all can lead? Leh-Ladhak, Dharamshala, Goa… the mind spins with possibilities.

So there you have it, brain-food, on-fleek beauty and an on-trend home – all dash, for less cash. How cool is that?

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