Technology is constantly changing how we experience the world. Every gadget today comes loaded with a host of features that make our lives easier. Convenience has always been the USP of technology. And when it comes to furniture, it’s no different. When we look back at the ‘90s, our homes looked so different from what they are today. Today, the idea has been to reduce the clutter in our homes with furniture that does a lot more. Modern furniture is not just useful but adds a great fun-quotient to our homes. Here’s a look at some of the modern furniture we wish we had in the ‘90s.

One spot to sleep, eat, work, and play

In the ‘90s, The TV was separate from the music system which was separate from the bed. Imagine if they went all Captain Planet with a “let our powers combine” routine, you would have The Pod. Designed by Furlenco, The Pod is perhaps the only piece of furniture you will ever need. From sleeping to binge-watching TV to gaming to just chilling with your friends to sitting back and working, The Pod lets you do everything without you even having to move.


Adios masseur!

In the ‘90s, on a Sunday, just when the house-help wanted to leave a little early, mom would ask her to massage her feet and back. For us kids, that meant two hours of no supervision. In other words, partaaay! Fast forward to today, the house-help barely comes on Sundays and mom doesn’t mind. That’s cause she has a recliner that she can sink into and that takes care of everything. From feet to back to neck to head, to different styles of massages, this recliner does everything. The best part: it listens to everything mom says. So everyone is happy.




More than just a coffee table

Some things never change. Like those game nights at home when you would bring the house down with your friends. In the ‘90s, if the game was headed towards a nail-biting finish and you could have really done with a cold drink, getting it was close to impossible. Because you wouldn’t want to get up, your friends wouldn’t want to either, and you always had this one superstitious friend who believed you should never change seats in the middle of a game. Enter 2018! You now have a coffee table that lets you charge your device, has speakers so you can play your music via Bluetooth, and also has an in-built cooler to store all your beverages. Those game nights just got more awesome, right?



Mover over Godrej almirah!

If there was one thing common to most houses in the ‘90s, it was the presence of that metallic monster of a Godrej almirah. And no matter how old it got or how battered it looked, it was still the safest place to store anything. Its doors would creak every time you opened it and that in itself was a kind of security system. Today, the scenario is different. Homes have gotten smaller, storage space lesser, but the number of things we want to keep hasn’t changed. And that’s why the Infinity Wardrobe. Designed by Furlenco, the Infinity Wardrobe has all the storage space you’ll ever need. From space to hang all your dresses to large drawers to keep your winter-wear to a dedicated place for all your cosmetics as well as your important documents. Hey, it also has a laundry basket. And the doors, they don’t creak. They close smoothly without any sound. Now, that’s storage for you!


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