Work is only getting more hectic and sucking all life out of you. But the one thing you’ve been looking forward to all week is almost here: it’s Fri-yay; the weekend, which is all about chilling. So you pick up your phone and hit all the numbers on your speed dial. That’s right! You call your girl gang. But going out is so passe (ummm..because you’ve pretty much been everywhere), so you call them over for a sleepover.

Intrigued already? Here’re 5 ways to rock your girls night.

Get your DIY mode ON!

Push away the worries of work, home, and life in general. Go arts-and-crafts-y! Bring out all your stationery and the stuff you wanted to recycle. Open Pinterest and get your creative side going. You can make bookmarks, candle-stands, or just plain paint your wall red & stick your favourite photographs. You are definitely going to have a ball.


Move over for a makeover.

Turn your dressing corner into the green room of a fashion show. All you need is a laptop to access YouTube’s favourite make-up channels and all the right brushes. Bring out the makeup artist in you. A little blush here, a little lipstick there, and oh! don’t forget that smokey eyeliner stroke. Put on your dressy outfits and walk the ramp of your living room. If that piques your interest, you should totally try Furlenco’s Fusil Lifestyle Essentials which has enough room for your LBDs, your make-up accessories and not to forget, those lovely shoes.

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Binge-watch Ashton Kutcher movies.

Love how the Hollywood stud makes you weak in the knees? Drool over his charming smile and irresistible good looks in a binge-watch of all his awesome movies. Make sure you’re surrounded with beverages, popcorn tubs, and cushions to help you turn into mush. Sounds good, right? Check out Furlenco’s Entertainment Zone and watch Kutcher in action, comfortably.


Game on with alcohol.

Indulge in a little alcohol/ Enjoy a little alcohol indulgence with your favourite ladies. From Never-have-I-ever, and Kings Cups to the all-time-classic Spin-the-bottle – you just need your favourite Vodka flavour and shot glasses to get started with the fun. Is the night going to be epic or what?

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It’s always wine o’clock!

Best friends don’t care if your house is clean. They care if you have wine. Bring out the finest Merlot in the house and some glasses, change into your cute pajamas and indulge your ladies with some good conversation. Prop yourself onto Furlenco’s Pico Queen Bed, turn on the fairy lights and the mood is set. Talk about the cute guy at the coffee shop, the creep at work or just let the stress of the week out. Your victories or fall-throughs, your girls are here for you. This is just the perfect end to your girls night.

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