A small bedroom is an age-old problem for urban dwellers. With overall constraint in space, bedrooms are often reduced to a minuscule space, which just about houses a reasonably sized bed. No jokes here, but ‘how to make a small bedroom look bigger’ is a frequented query online.

A bedroom is often seen as that sanctum, wherein one just sleeps and get dressed. But truth be told, it is much more than that. It is a space of comfort, harmony and privacy. The last thing it needs is a crammed and claustrophobic feel to it. Dealing with small spaces can be difficult, for sure. But there is no need to break your head over how to arrange a small bedroom. We’ve delved into this problem, and figured out some simple hacks as to how to make the most of a small bedroom.

Create an illusion with mirrorsMirrors- Make Small Bedroom Look Bigger

Hanging mirrors on the wall is a basic solution to organize a small bedroom. Mirrors create an illusion of space, by adding volumes to the bedroom. Whether it is over the bed, on the closet door or stuck to furniture, the more the merrier.

Light colours do the trickBedroom Color Scheme- Mood

Light colours (whites in particular) have the ability to make a room seem larger by giving it depth. Palettes, with a touch of pastels and light colours, make the room seem airier and larger, without making it seem monotonous.

Multi-functional furnitureBed- Bedroom Furniture

What is better than a nice comfy bed? A nice comfy bed with storage space, of course. Investing in multi-functional furniture which doubles up as storage works well. Similarly, bunk beds, sofa-cum-beds and desks with storage, all contribute to saving space.

Use those walls

Whether it is to hang décor or shelves, walls must be put to use when you organize a small bedroom. One idea we highly recommend is structuring built-in shelves around the bed. It doubles as a bedside space and creates a feeling of depth.

De-clutter the spaceRugs- Winter Ready Bedroom

One key aspect to keep in mind while you arrange a small bedroom is to de-clutter. Don’t overbear the space with unnecessary things, as it leads to a crammed feeling. Instead, stick to the essentials (even in terms of décor), and choose minimalism over anything else.

Use smart lighting

Wall mounted lighting goes a long way in saving space, as opposed to floor/desk lamps. Using a handful of lamps to distribute light around the room makes more sense than opting for one overhead light. It contributes to making the place seem spacious.

Don’t forget the rug

Move Furniture- Winter Ready Bedroom
Source: Pinterest

Rugs play the role of décor while adding to the functionality of a space. They radiate a finished feel while creating the impression of added footage to the bedroom. When it comes to the question of how to make the most of a small bedroom, this is an easy hack.

Futon it up

For extremely small bedrooms, investing in a futon saves a bunch of space. With the ability to make it into a sofa during the day, and a bed at night, a futon is a good bet. This way, your space is flexible when it comes to space, without the hassle of moving things around.

Long curtains to the rescue

Curtains- Winter Ready Bedroom
Source: Pinterest

It is a known fact that hanging floor-to-ceiling curtains have the same effect as a human wearing 6-inch heel. It makes the ceiling look taller, and adds volumes to the space with the illusion. With this we realize that to arrange a small bedroom, doesn’t take much.

Decorate ‘large’

By large, we mean the use of large and imposing single pieces of décor, as opposed to multiple small pieces. Whether it is wall art, or table décor, opting for one dominant element always makes way more sense.

Although these tips and tricks play a vital role in camouflaging the bedroom into appearing bigger, the final touch makes a world of a difference. Your lifestyle choices add to this factor. Keeping a space clean and tidy goes a long way in making a bedroom seem larger. So keep calm, and camouflage on!

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