There are few places as public as the living room: it is the first and only space that most visitors to your house get to see. The way a living room is set up speaks a lot about the family staying there. If you have felt the need the redo your living room but want to do it on a budget, then we’ve got you covered.

Here are some simple tips to set up a living room without burning a hole through your wallet.

Wall it upPaint- Living room on a budget

One of the simplest ways to give your living room a brand new look is to start with the walls. You can either get contractors to paint the walls with a bold new shade or even better, do it yourself. Speaking of bold, try adding in textures, or mix in contrasting colours to really transform your living room walls. Alternatively, you could also go for a patterned wallpaper to give your living room a brand new look.

Brandish those Souvenirs

Souvenir- Living room on a budget
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What’s the point of travelling if you can’t show off a bit and tell people where you’ve been? One simple way to brag is to put your souvenirs on display. You know that curio knife that serves no particular purpose or the Tibetan signing bowl you’ve never used? Just set up a display stand or put up a couple of shelves along the wall and put your souvenirs from your travels on display.

Shelves are also a great alternative to showcases: they tend to display things more prominently and take up less space.

Replace the drapesDrapes- Living room on a budget

When it comes to the furnishing like drapes and cushion covers, dry cleaning can only get you so far. A great way to spruce up your living room furniture is to replace the furnishing entirely. This is cheaper than investing in new furniture and provides you with great flexibility when it comes to deciding the overall look and feel of the room.

Try experimenting with bold colours, patterns or even textures to create a great feel and impression in your living room.

Showstopper furniture.Lifestyle on a budget- Benefits of Sharing Economy

Nothing grabs people’s attention like a piece of furniture that is too large and obviously out of place. If done right, however, that overwrought fainting couch or plush recliner can add a lot of character to a room. Living room furniture does not need to be just for entertaining people. It can double up as a private reading nook, or even as a workstation for those days when you decide to stay at home.

If you are unsure about investing in a recliner or sofa, then you always have the option of renting the living room furniture, before you purchase them.

Move things aroundLiving Room Decor- Blending

Before you decide that you need more living room furniture, try this: move things around in the room and see what works. Sometimes the cheapest answer to setting up a living room on a budget is to rearrange the furniture.

Even after this, if you find that sofa is taking up too much space, replace it with a diwan or single seater sofas.

If you feel like there aren’t enough seating options, consider upgrading to a five seater sofa or adding a coffee table. More than the pieces of living room furniture you have, how you present them is key to the way a room looks.

A change of flooring

Ever considered changing the flooring of your living room? Many people think changing the flooring of a house is an expensive affair, but it need not always be the case. Polishing the stone flooring (in case of tiles or marble) or varnishing the surface (in case of wood) can make the floor look good as new. If you are on a budget, then consider investing in a large rug or wall to wall carpeting. A simple concrete finish or even Japanese tatami mats can add an entirely new feeling to your room.

Let there be light

Add Lights- How to do living room on a budget

Lights that you use make a world of difference in the way a room feels and can be the difference between a warm, inviting space and a waiting room in a railway station. Standalone lamps, warm focus lights or even replacing old light fixtures with new modern styles can really give your living room a much-needed upgrade.

Placing a low – wattage light fixture to focus on a painting or adding dimmers to adjust the brightness of the overhead lights are small additions that are inexpensive but effective.

If you are enthralled by a chandelier, then try the new, sleek LED chandeliers, which are relatively inexpensive to install and can help you save on the electricity bill.

Where ‘Art’ ThouWall art- How to do living room on a budget

There’s nothing like some art to class up your act in the living room – and we’re not just talking about expensive paintings. Traditional stone or brass sculptures, wall hangings, or even large wall hangings made of cloth like silk or cotton can help you set up a living room on a budget.

Also, not all art is expensive. Blowing up some old family photos or portraits and framing them or hanging up your own artwork is another way to really distinguish your living room.

The sixth senseScent- Living room on a budget

One aspect of living room furniture often ignored is the scent. Citrus or lavender are the most common living room scents; a discreet fragrance dispenser or air-freshen usually does the trick. If you are going for something a bit more natural, then try scented candles or aromatic incense to add a new dimension to your living space.


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