The living room is known to be the very soul of the house. Thus, it is essential to capture its true essence, while creating the perfect atmosphere for families to thrive. An ideal living space must combine indispensable factors such as style, functionality and comfort. Due to this, living room decoration can be tricky as tying together these factors in an aesthetic way isn’t always a piece of cake. From choosing the right theme for the living room décor to making it comfortable to reflect your personality through your living space, it proves to be a multi-dimensional process.

Furlenco gives you the option of choosing between different décor options to spruce up your living space by offering matching décor with the furniture. Check out our living room décor options. Here are some key elements to keep in mind while adding living room décor to your home.

ThemeLiving Room Decor- Choose a Theme

Every good living room décor starts with determining a theme. A room comes across as cluttered and haphazard if its décor is selected randomly. Hence, following a certain theme, while mixing and matching unique pieces adds an artistic appeal to living spaces. From minimalistic rooms to vintage styles, to colour centric themes, to contemporary décor, there are several routes to be explored while picking the perfect theme.  

WallsLiving Room Decor- Walls

The walls of your living spaces have huge potential in making or breaking the aura of a living room. Wall décor in the form of wall paints, colour, wallpapers, art or simply wall accessories add to the visual appeal of a room. Empty and monotonous walls, make the room seem incomplete and impersonal, which gives away a rather cold vibe to the room.  From plants to shelves, to clocks, wall décor comes with diverse options, for any theme.

FurnitureLiving Room Decor- Furniture

One must not look at furniture from merely a functional point of view, as it is a major piece of the puzzle that creates a perfect living room. From picking out the right furniture to arranging it in an ideal way, it is important to plan the living space as per the furniture. Whether it is modern, contemporary, vintage or minimalistic furniture, it is imperative to create focal points with the use of furniture.

LightingLiving Room Decor- Lighting

Lighting plays a significant role in living room décor. Proper lighting adds a sense of energy and brilliance to any living space. Ensuring that there is a good balance between the artificial and natural lighting of your living room is essential.  Placing your lighting at different levels creates a mood of its own. It ensures good ambience, functionality and accent which are the three main factors to consider while picking out lighting solutions.

DimensionsLiving Room Decor- Dimensions

It is extremely important to ensure proper measurement/dimensions for your décor. A piece of décor which is simply too big or too small ruins the ambience of a room. While picking out your living room decoration, you must keep in mind the available space, sizes, dimensions and rules. This applies to furniture, wall décor, rugs or lighting accessories.

BlendingLiving Room Decor- Blending

Congesting a living room with similar pieces of décor can prove to be a huge eyesore. Hence, it makes sense to add a touch of different elements, to weave the ideal living room. Adding abstract elements to traditional designs, pieces that stand out, and mixing two contrasting elements to complement each other creates a unique appeal to the room, without overbearing it. It is important to bear in mind the fact that, blending elements that don’t complement each other, can and will be disastrous.

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