What do we ask from our lives today? Simple. Everything that’s being asked of us, of course. We have to be fast, flexible and (almost) endlessly scaleable. Why, we’re practically meant to be plug and play! So that means we expect our relationships to be the same – no fusses and frills, scalable both ways, and no hidden-costs please, we’re New Age Indians!

Furlenco appreciates your demands, and understands the demands on you, which is why our furniture comes pre-loaded with ease, convenience and transparency. You explore the clean Furlenco site UI, no fussy descriptors and fiddly follow-throughs as you try to subscribe. Followed by a quick turnaround, as our trained assembly-technicians visit your premises and set you up with the furniture package of your choice. Ready to use from Day 1, our packages include soft-furnishings and linens- yours to keep. Plug in, press Play.

Getting deputed offsite for a few months? No problem – just press ‘Pause’. That’s our service-suspension offering; with ‘Pause’, our team comes, takes away the furniture, and monthly rentals go on hold while you’re gone. Call us again once you’re back, we come over and set it all up for you and the subscription renews. Getting your visa was more cumbersome than this!

Scaling up? Maybe another member is joining your team? Congratulations on your marriage or new relationship. Furlenco can scale up with you. Give us a call and let’s have a chat about what you need to change. We’ll revamp your subscription plan accordingly, and our logistics team will take care of the rest as you and your new teammate are in testing mode.

Testing went awry? Maybe you two don’t agree on some of the choices you made. No sweat, we’ll flex for you. Work it out with our customer-support team, and you can jointly tell us what needs tweaking. A different bed design, some accessories maybe? Or back to the drawing board altogether and a complete swap for an entirely different suite. Tell us, tell us, we’re nothing if not accommodating.

In short, Furlenco is the new-age furnishing solution; packaged and marketed the way your company packages your capabilities- we’re simple, transparent, and entirely responsive to your requirements, scaleable up or down as you need us to be, and able to suspend subscriptions as you move around on work. Visit us today and let us overhaul everything you thought your home décor experience was going to be like- we’re Furlenco, and we see Furniture as a service. Welcome to life in the FaaS lane!

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