There’s no tougher job than being a parent. And there’s no tougher task than bringing up your kids, teaching them the right things, and ensuring that they’re learning to do what is appropriate for their age.

One of the hardest ‘age-appropriate’ tasks is getting kids to sleep by themselves. Let’s face it. You’ve had enough sleepless nights sharing the same bed as your kids. One of you ends up sleeping on the couch or on the floor and the other gets kicked all night.

Eventually, it boils down to making a tough decision. As a parent, there is no doubt you cherish the closeness of your kids sleeping with you. But, there is only so much even you can handle. So, between all the tantrums and your kids questioning if you really love them,  you finally decide it’s time for them to sleep by themselves.

But, we’re not going to tell you how to go about it. We’re sure you’ve read enough parenting books and blogs to get all the theory in place. However, we’ll give you something to ensure that this entire process is smooth and easy, for both your kids and you. All you have to do is rent from Furlenco.

Everything begins with the right furniture

Want your kids to sleep by themselves? Give them something they’ll love sleeping in. This is all about selling. And selling becomes easier when you have the right product. So, your first step is to rent the Peek-A-Boo Kids Bed from Furlenco.

Rent kids furniture

As you see, this is not a regular bed. It’s way more than that. Fine, it’s got a mattress with a brand new mattress protector. The pillows and bedsheets come in unique themes that are sure to keep your kids engrossed, and it comes with rounded edges because safety is our priority. And that’s just the start.

The bed comes with a unique hut-shaped corner. Because kids love to spend time playing with their toys or reading, engrossed in their own thoughts, weaving various stories from their unlimited imagination. This hut is just for that.

That’s not all. The bed also comes with its very own chalkboard. Because kids love to draw. And they’ll draw anywhere. They’ll leave no wall untouched. But, for the sake of your home and for building good habits, our bed comes with a dedicated space where your kids can go berserk with creativity.

Let them spend time with it

Now that you know what the bed is like, let your kids spend time with it. It’s like a new toy or a new friend. Your kids have to warm up to the bed. Let them draw on it. Let them read or play on it. Let them imagine the whole bed is a train or a bus and do oblige if you have to be a passenger while they “drive”. Remember, it’s all part of the selling. Slowly, but surely, your kid will fall in love with the Peek-A-Boo Kids Bed.

That’s when the magic happens!

We’re not saying it will be easy. We’re just saying you’ll be more efficient in making your kids sleep by themselves. Finally, one fine evening, your kids will ask you to spend time with them in their bed. And as you read them or a story or play a passenger on their bus, they’ll slowly nod off to sleep. That’s your cue to go grab that sleep of a lifetime. Don’t get sentimental. Don’t dote and cry. Don’t take pictures. Just go!

They might wake up in the middle of the night and come running to you. Hey, you’ll just have to try again. But, if they don’t, you’ve successfully completed your very own Mission Impossible. This blog will now self destruct in 5…4…3…2…1…

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