The holiday season is upon us. But for some of us, these holidays also mark the beginning of a new chapter — getting married. Sure enough, preparations must be in full swing. Right from deciding the venue to the number of occasions you’re going to have; from what you’re going to wear for each function to the food that’s going to be served; from convincing all your friends to come for the actual wedding (and not just the reception) to begging them to buy you a wedding gift! 

Cut to a few weeks later when the wedding formalities are finally done with. As you get ready to take off with your beloved on that well-deserved honeymoon (congratulations by the way), we’re sure there are a couple of questions looming on your mind. “What’s this going to be like?”; “will we have enough money to enjoy the same lifestyle as before”; and “how are we going to set up our home”. Well, the truth is. No amount of advice from anybody who’s been there will answer most of these questions for you. We, however, can answer that one question. About home. Because when all is said and done, you’re ultimately coming back home.

A home that the two of you can call your own. Where you spend enough time with each other. And where you can give each other the necessary space so you don’t kill each other within the first year. Home is where this new chapter begins. There’s so much riding on this home and we’re sure, you’ve given it plenty of thought and done your research. Along with wedding planners, caterers, and designers, your internet search history must be filled with a fair share of furniture websites. You might have even shortlisted what you like. The only thing you’re waiting for is to understand exactly how much moolah you’re left with after that gorgeous wedding and that exotic holiday, to get an idea of how much you can spend on furniture. The most likely answer is: 
incredibly less. And that’s where we ask you: have you considered renting your furniture?

Did we hear you scream: “What? Rent? I’m entering a new phase in my life and I want everything in my new home to be new!” Fair enough. But, consider this: the “new” home you’re moving into is also a rented one. We can also tell you that our furniture is as good as new, bespoke in its styling, will reflect your personality, and will transform your home with its awesomeness. Yes, it does all that!

Have we got your attention? Then let’s tell you why renting furniture after you are ‘just married’ is the most sensible decision you will ever make (second to getting married of course!).

Rent Your Furniture

You’re no more the single person whose earnings never mattered in the family budget equation. You’re newly married. You’re living in your ‘own’ home. You have bills to pay, groceries to buy, dates to go out on (and now you will want to go only to the best places), and weekend getaways to plan. Don’t also forget those impromptu online shopping sprees, those house parties you will host and all those surprise gifts you’ll want to buy for your spouse. Breathless? Wheels turning in your head as you calculate all these expenses?

What we’re getting at is that whether you’re ready for it or not, your married life is going to be far more indulgent than your single one. After all, you do want the best for each other. So, ask yourself this: if you’ve spent all the money you’re left with on buying furniture, what are you left with for all that fun? 

We know you’ve already sat and done all the math and come to the logical conclusion that it still doesn’t add up. What you don’t realize is that math is going to take away from the joy of being newly married. So get sensible and start renting awesome furniture. That way, you don’t lose out on having a beautiful home and you will always have more than enough left to surprise your spouse. Every. Single. Day!

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