‘She said yes, she actually said yes!” the words resound through the boy’s mind as he meanders aimlessly down 100 ft. road.

In another city, a girl walks, the glow and pride of a newly affianced person quite evident on her face. “He asked and I said yes! Bangalore it is I guess.”

Fast forward another 3 months. The boy in Bangalore runs around town looking for a decent 2 BHK, cursing the 10 month deposit which will rob the soon-to-be-groom of his honest savings.

Enter the present – the couple is in their new abode. As she unpacks, the girl speaks up, “We have to go to the department store, dear. There is so much we need to set up the kitchen”.  Six hours and many thousands down, the couple returns to the flat and start putting their kitchen in order.  The bride looks at her gleaming pots and pans, new containers, brightly smiling cutlery and crockery with pride.

In stark contrast, the two bedrooms, dining room and living room yawns at them – a desolate space.  There are only two mattresses that one can remotely call furniture. Undeterred, the couple goes online to start their furnishings. So now a bed, queen size of course, with a side table.  “I love side tables”, gushes the bride, “we can put table lamps, candles, frames on it, and it will look beautiful.”

They go to a furniture website purportedly catering to the more urbane and discerning customer.  ‘Free delivery and set up, assured quality and free returns, no questions asked’ they read, chortling to themselves. So they take a look at the beds – solid wood with teak finish, they read. “What is solid wood?” the groom wonders. A hurried Google search throws up solid vis a vis engineered wood and their benefits, and then proceeds to confuse them further – rosewood, rubberwood, sheesham…

They rush back to the webpage; it blankly states solid wood with teak finish, refusing to divulge more. “Well, as long as it is solid wood” they reassure themselves as they add a bed with storage and a side table to the cart. The checkout page announces a sum upwards of INR 40,000.

Out of curiosity, the couple explores more furniture for the house – couch, arm chairs, coffee tables, another bed and bedside table.

A quick five minutes brings up an extremely forbidding number upwards of 6 digits. “So much for furniture and I have even not bought any soft furnishings and home décor”, exclaims the bride, fully aware of the current fiscal conditions. “What if we have to move, what do we do with all this stuff?” mutters the groom. He proceeds to check out previously-owned furniture selling sites.  He exits in a hurry, appalled. “No chance!” he says to himself.

He starts looking for more options, going to more websites, local branded shops’ webpages and finally lands at a site offering furniture for…rent. “Wait, WHAT?!” he thinks, while visions of shady men sitting in the shadows surrounded by murky pieces of furniture strewn around dance in his mind.

Then his eyes rest on the pictures of the furniture, and go down to the prices of each room (he can feel his wallet give a happy skip in his pocket), and suddenly sees what is being offered. “Waitaminnit …an EXPERIENCE. What does that even mean?” He goes through the site with mounting excitement.

Gathering his courage, he knocks on the bedroom door saying, “Honey, I saw a website, they offer furniture on subscription, it looks really good…the furniture design is awesome …you will love it.”

“What does subscription even mean?” asks the voice gloomily.

“Take a look”, he pleads, “it is so affordable too.”

As the door closes behind him, we hear more mumbling – “Wait, go back to the couch, drawers in the dining table, side tables (this in a shriek). How much?? Ohh …ohh…can we get this and this? They have electronics too… Anything you want dear…

What is this brand?


Nuffzed, as they say.

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