Merriam-Webster defines ‘Independence’ as “not affiliated with a larger controlling unit.” And that was precisely what happened with India on the dawn of 15th August 1947. She found herself free from the British government. She was an independent country, free to form her own government, her own policies, and her people were free to live by their own terms.

And as inspiring as our independence day story may be, seventy years after we gained our independence, we still find ourselves stuck; stuck to a place, stuck to material things, stuck to a routine. Maybe it’s because we are scared of change or maybe it’s just easy to jump to second thoughts and blame our responsibilities as a reason to why we seem to be stuck.

“I can’t travel now, I am saving up for a car.”

“I have to save money and pay my furniture’s EMI.”

“I just bought a new phone, I can’t afford the concert tickets.”

Sound familiar? We thought so.

This Independence day, brush the fear off your shoulder and make a life altering decision. And maybe, this decision can start off at your home with your furniture.

We are here to tell you why renting furniture from Furlenco can help you bring the change you are looking for.

Limited budget? Rent awesome furniture.

The thing about furniture is that it’s not just physically heavy but heavy on your wallet as well. But, you can rent awesome furniture from Furlenco for one-third the cost and still enjoy the comfort of cushioned sofas and study queen beds.

Why try, buy and then cry?

Sure, you tested that good looking sofa at the store, liked the feel of it and ended up buying it. Fast forward to a month later and you can’t seem to lounge on the sofa for more than an hour and it wasn’t as comfortable as you remember it to be when you bought it and now you are stuck with it. Forever.

Scary, huh?

You change. So should your home.

You are not the person you were a few months ago, you are constantly growing and changing. So how can you expect your home to remain the same? With Furlenco your home can change with as you change. With the freedom of the Swap feature that Furlenco offers, you can keep swapping your furniture for any other that might catch your attention.

Save up and experience!

That dream vacation. Your favorite band’s last concert abroad. That backpacking adventure across Europe. Whatever makes your heart skip a beat and energizes you for life, spend your money on that. Live your life to the fullest. And never ever let furniture come in the way of those many experiences you want to have.

So this Independence Day, say bye to buying and being stuck and try something different and rent awesome furniture. Have everything and buy nothing with Furlenco.


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