‘May you live in interesting times’, so goes the (supposedly) Chinese curse. Well, the mid-to-late twenties are just that in a person’s life – interesting times. At work, you’ve risen out of the mass-hangover of desperate class participation that was your PG induction-batch, and you’ve started to make a mark for yourself. Some smart ideas have taken holds, some haven’t; and maybe you’ve moved on to other, more challenging jobs; or you’ve stuck to the one you started your career in, and are now seen as a loyalist (Woohoo! Gratuity!) In any case, work’s solid.

Your social life has taken the form that it’s going to hold until you decide to get into a serious relationship (if you aren’t already in one) When that happens, you’ll need to allow for some social-shake-ups as you figure out how much you like, and want to fraternise with, each other’s friends. So that’s solid too… Then, what are these ‘interesting times’ mentioned earlier?

The interesting part is this: you’re now getting invited to somewhat-senior, and very boss people’s homes- let’s call them ‘senior-sexies’. And the homes are bloody amazing! Beautiful artefacts that you’re afraid to pick up to look at, and furniture you’re afraid to sit on, because this exchange (or something similar) will ensue:

“Oh that!” the sexy design-director with the criminally well-groomed beard will remark as you inspect the chair you’re planning to sit on, “that armchair won a design award in Milan 2 years ago, I found it at a secret sale in Amsterdam”

As he says this, assorted other beautiful people will nod, and chip in with the great flea-market/designer sale finds they landed at assorted gorgeous foreign locations and compare notes. Doesn’t anybody scour shops in Marthahalli, Shivajinagar, Benson market, or whatever-their-neighbourhood markets for stuff anymore??? Are you the only village-idiot stuck with locally-bought second-hand furniture you thought was so perfect for your rented 1BHK? The beautiful room now divides sharply for the rest of the night into the well-travelled senior-sexies, and scrambling-to-get-there Middletons like yourself. And you spend the rest of your time trying not to get embarrassingly-drunk, just politely buzzed.

While you scramble to become a senior-sexy yourself, may we suggest a way by which you can tide the transition without your home looking like you still get by on your campus pocket-money? Cue Furlenco. “Cue who?” you ask. Furlenco and we rent out furniture to up-and-coming Bengalur’ians in easy-peasy, endlessly-customisable subscription-plans ranging from Rs. 999 upwards. Visit the site, give it a look. So maybe it’s not New York Design Week, but it’s got clean-lined and contemporary pieces of furniture, accompanying soft furnishings and home accessories that you can rent from us either as an individual piece, a room-set or full-set for your entire apartment- with appliances, if you need them.

So maybe the senior sexies have all the time, connections and resources to get chic bits and bobs into the country, but you’re a hard-working Joe or Jane, and all you can manage is the half-hour it takes to browse the site, make your pick/s and make the call. Well, with Furlenco, dear Joe or Jane, that’s all it takes; leave the rest to us. Our guys will come around in 3 working days tops, and install it for free. If the look bores you after some months, you can explore the site and our other ranges, and consider changing things up- just like the oh-so-chic senior-sexies do it. And the best part is, there’s no commitment; if your career takes you to another city, just return it all back to Furlenco (except the linens- those you get to keep) and move on.

Ha! Take that senior-sexies! You bet they can’t just trade-in their carefully-curated, and oh-so-expensive decors at the drop of a hat. Well you can, dear hard-working Jane or Joe; yes, you, can.

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