Most people are boggled by why an accent table is important in the first place. Although its size and presence in a living space are small, it is a powerful tool for tying together any space. By playing the role of an object of décor, and a space for utility, accent tables have aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Throw in some unique textures, materials and patterns to the accent table, and voila! A masterpiece is made in your living space. Here are some points to consider before investing in an accent table for your living space.

1. Define the space

Living Room Decor- Choose a Theme

By define; we are referring to understanding the space for the accent table. Measuring it correctly in terms of length and breadth is a must. Additionally, the height and size of the furniture must be considered and recorded. Another major point that is often missed out on is the calculation of space around the furniture. People should be able to walk around it, without thinking of it as a hindrance.

2. Analyze the rest of the room

Minimalist Home Decor- Functional

Living space is made up of many elements and the accent table is merely just one of them. Hence, it is pertinent to consider the other elements and the living room as a whole before investing in an accent table. The overall theme of the room should be in the picture while choosing living room tables. And the accent table must complement the other elements.

3. Colour goes a long way

How to choose the right accent table- Color

Among the things to analyze – be it patterns, textures or colours, the colour factor plays the biggest role. The colour of the table must blend effortlessly with the curtains, rugs, sofas, chairs, and other décor of the living space. Everyone loves a pop of colour, we do too! But choosing the right colour is important in order to avoid what could possibly be the biggest eyesore to your space.

4. Stick to your budget

Choose the right accent table

Buying an accent table can be overwhelming, and sometimes expensive. Most of us are on a budget whether we like it or not. Keeping in mind a viable budget and sticking to it is extremely important. Filtering your search according to what you can afford to spend is the best way to go about with this. Yes, sticking to a budget can be hard, but it a conscious decision that needs to be made.

5. Get the most of out of one

Some tables double up as so many things. A table-cum-dining space sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it? Investing in the right table, which is multi-purpose works wonders. If it sounds like too much of a monetary investment, you can always get a multi-purpose accent table for rent. This way, a nominal amount a month, gives you an uber-flexible piece of furniture.

Following the mentioned steps ensures that choosing the right furniture is a breezy process, like a walk in the park. So, keep those worries aside, and find the accent table of your dreams easily.

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