Decorating and arranging furniture within a living room can be an overwhelming task. We have nightmares about it, and we’re certain that you do too. From maximizing purpose to enhancing the aesthetics of living space, so many layers must be kept in mind when it comes to living room furniture arrangement.

The living space is an area where people, thoughts, ideas and love flow like an endless river. And it is absolutely essential to have an exact blueprint of the furniture layout, in order to capitalize on efficiency and comfort. Here are some simple tips to follow to make living room furniture arrangement a piece of cake.

Create a focal point

Arrange Living Room Furniture- Focal Point

This is the most basic and important of all points. It is essential to create a focal point around which the furniture can be arranged. From TV’s to fireplaces, to a view of the garden, or a simple artwork, focal points are easy to create.

Mix the furniture up

Arrange Living Room Furniture- Mix Furniture

One way to make the living room furniture arrangement less monotonous is by mixing different elements. A tasteful combination of sofas, chairs, ottomans, cabinets and tables go a long way. Using unique accent tables and chairs also acts as a bonus.

Build special areas

Arrange Living Room Furniture- Special Zone

Be it a tiny zone of kids’ furniture, or a relaxing zone with an armchair or a swing, or even a study desk, specific zones within the living space works well. It makes the room multi-functional while tying the overall space together.

Include a functional POV

Arrange Living Room Furniture- Functional

Functionality and traffic flow is something to be well-thought-out. In the event of designing a sophisticated living space, one must not forget that people must pass through the space without any hassle. It’s a living room you’re designing, not an obstacle track.

Focus on the big pieces

Arrange Living Room Furniture- Big Pieces

While in the process of living room furniture arrangement, it is much simpler to assemble the bigger pieces first. The smaller elements must revolve around these huge pieces while going hand-in-hand with them.

Don’t forget to accessorize

Arrange Living Room Furniture- Accessories

While arranging furniture in the living room is essential, accessorizing the space highlights the overall beauty of it. Using rugs, floor lamps, shelves and other elements, adds a punch to the rest of the living room furniture.

Planning is must

Of course, going with the flow often works out well for us. But, it is essential to have a basic plan of action in our heads. From knowing exactly what furniture to use for the living room, to figure out how to bring the best of each element, planning is indispensable.

Accessibility is everything

Arrange Living Room Furniture- Accessibility

Whether it is having the side table at arms distance or the centre table at foot’s distance (ignore our bad habits), accessibility is everything. Ensuring that they are the same size as your seating furniture is also a must. Event lamps and switchboards must be easy to get to.

Keep the space LIT

Arrange Living Room Furniture- Light

Lighting around the living room furniture is a must. An area which has access to natural lighting works extremely well in this case. In addition to that, the focal area must have overhead lighting and table lighting, in order to strike a sense of balance.

Let there be a balance

Different contrasting elements that don’t blend with each other can be a bit of an eye-sore. Furthermore, pieces of uneven sizes also always don’t work. The placement of the furniture must go hand-in-hand with the different pieces present.

Keep these simple tips in mind, ‘how to arrange living room furniture’ won’t be a puzzle to you anymore. Living room furniture arrangement isn’t rocket science. It’s just a mix of common-sense, functionality and of course, style!

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