Moving into a new home is exciting and liberating. Once you’ve moved in and have finished unpacking the boxes, you find some more… boxes… and then some more! Once that’s done, we’re certain you might need a break. And even your friends and family can’t wait to see your new digs.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get your home ready for the most epic housewarming party, ever!

Housewarming Decorations

A theme

Parties with themes aren’t just for kids. You can play around and get as creative while deciding the theme for your party. You could opt for traditional themes such as a Potluck — because nothing says welcome home quite like a neighborhood potluck; a Garden theme — an excellent theme if the weather is pleasant; or an Era theme — where you get to choose your favorite era and simply go back in time!

Housewarming Party Decor Ideas

If you’re feeling a little wacky, opt for the Stock-your-bar theme — where each guest brings over their favorite liquor and cocktail recipes. The advantage with this theme? Not only do you get to stock your brand new bar, but you also get to try some yummy new drinks! What more could you ask for?

The truth is, there’s no right or wrong theme. Pick a theme that suits your style the most and trust us when we say, the sky’s the limit!

Stock your bar

If you have a bar cabinet, keep it well stocked with alcohol and mixers.

If you don’t have a bar cabinet, don’t worry. A spare table or kitchen top double up as the perfect bar companion.

Food is important when inviting friends home. Check out our last article where we shared a list of apps that offer you easy food and cocktail recipes and your party is sure to be a success!

Housewarming Party Decor Ideas

A quick tip: avoid bringing out your fancy China. Opt for disposable glasses and plates and cutlery, because trust us when we say, there’s always some shards of broken glass at the end of every (successful) party!

Keepsakes are for forever

Your house is full of your buddies, this is the time to make the most of it and make it.memorable! Here are a few fun and easy keepsake ideas that everyone can put together:

  • Post-it-wall: Rather than going the formal guest book route, throw some post-it notes on a wall or a board. This is a fun way to get all their wishes for this new journey.
  • Thumbprint keepsake: Sketch or attach a photo of your new house on a large piece of thick white paper. Have ink pads available for guests to add a thumbprint “balloon” to the house. This will be a keepsake you will treasure for years to come.
  • Bowl of bucket-list: This idea will leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling. Ask your friends to write one thing that they would like you to add to your bucket list and you’ll be amazed by the great ideas that turn up.
Housewarming Party Decor Ideas
Party favours

Party favours are a great way to thank your buds for making this day a special one for you.

Party favour don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket. They can be as small as a fridge magnet, a photo frame or a personalised notepad. If you’re feeling generous, you could hand out a gift bag full of goodies and yummy treats. Believe us, no one can go wrong when it comes to treats!

Housewarming Party Decor Ideas

You only get to formally ‘warm’ your house once, so make sure to do it the right way with these fun and easy housewarming party ideas.   

Have some tried and tested housewarming ideas? Leave us a comment and share them with us!

In the meantime, happy housewarming!

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