Although the word ergonomics might sound like rocket science, it is quite the opposite. We throw the term ‘chilled out’ a lot in our day-to-day life. From a chilled out atmosphere to a chilled out workspace, to a chilled out home, ergonomics is what makes a space seemingly ‘chilled out’. Our homes are a piece of work. From setting it up, to really understanding it and letting that chi flow can seem like an ordeal.

What is ergonomics you ask? It is simply the addition of some physiological and psychological effort to our living space, to make it efficient. To go about with it, firstly, we need a clear understanding of the needs of our families occupying these spaces. And secondly, we need to align their comfort, interests and needs with furniture ergonomics. It might sound like an expensive affair to apply these principles and investing in new furniture. But worry not, as renting furniture while keeping in mind furniture ergonomics is a great way to go about with this.

Here, we will be dissecting the prominent rooms of your home while figuring out its furniture ergonomics. Thank you stars now, because we are about to change your world.

Customize your living room

Minimalist Home Decor- Accessories

Depending on what your family does together in the living room, you can decide its ergonomics. A well-lit room makes sense for a family who reads together, while dimmer lights work for movie-watchers. Similarly, the furniture must also change from functional tables to uber-comfy couches, depending on the family. A living room is a go-to place for every member of the household, be it your household help, or a friendly pet, and furniture ergonomics play a key role in shaping the mood of a home.

Make the kitchen more efficient

Kitchen Ergonomics

Most people see cooking as a chore. But have you ever wondered how to make it more fun? Don’t look further, as a functional and efficient kitchen goes a long way in making cooking seem like a piece of cake. Minimizing the distance between the key appliances such as your fridge, oven and stove makes the process a whole lot simpler. Keeping in mind the residents of a home, the cabinets and storage must be built according to their measurements. Throw in some extra room in your sink, and you’ll look at your kitchen with so much more love.

Ergonomic bedrooms are in

Layer Your Bed- Winter Ready Bedroom

Bedrooms are a space where everyone seeks comfort. It is a haven for the family, being a space for rejuvenation and recovery. In order to make things cosy, the right mattress and pillows are a must. Additionally, adding in factors such as a convenient side-table, dressing table, proper mirrors and suitable storage goes a long way in enhancing comfort and functionality. By using the right curtains and blinds, to make the room soundless and dark makes for a cosy bedroom.

Ergonomic workspace setup

Home Office Setup- Good View

In order to keep the productivity flowing, a proper home office setup is a must. Your home office setup needs a designated desk which is exclusively for work. Also, a chair of ideal height, size, foot space, back support and armrest is a must, as you’ll have to spend umpteen hours seated at that very spot.

By choosing functionality and comfort, over fads gives room for a thriving home. Furniture ergonomics transform any space, to an ideal one. So, what are you waiting for? Get that efficiency flowing, with just a few simple steps.

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