A new home is always exciting. A new place full of new possibilities. Yet, at the same time, it can be terrifying. If you’ve decided to live by yourself for the first time, that in itself is a big decision. Finding a place to stay won’t be difficult. But, doing up your home the way you want can be a daunting task. And that task begins with the question: what should I do about furniture?

– Should I ask my parents if I can take my furniture to my new place? But what if it gets damaged in transit?

– Should I live in a fully-furnished home that reeks of old leftover furniture that the landlord does not want?
– Perhaps, I should get an empty space but buying furniture will really affect my budget.
– I could probably buy everything on EMIs but that means all my other plans will have to be put on hold for the next few years.

Now, this is where you start going mental!

And that is where Furlenco comes in. Why fret over that decision? Why ever ask your parents for furniture? Why have any hopes on your landlord? Why buy, when you can rent furniture? And not just any kind of furniture! We’re talking awesome furniture that ticks all the boxes in your picture of a “dream home”.

If you’re still wondering if renting furniture from Furlenco for your home makes sense, well, let’s dispel all those doubts.

  1. Limited Budget. Unlimited Possibilities!

Let’s face it. If you’re moving out without depending on anyone for financial help, your budget is going to be pretty tight. But that doesn’t mean you can’t afford some cool stuff for your home. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t take a lot to convert those empty, lifeless rooms to spaces that echo your personality.


  1. Don’t get into the “trying, buying, crying” drill

You went to a store. You sat on a couch for 2 minutes. It felt nice. Plus you found a better deal online for the same couch. So you bought it. It’s now yours. You’ve got to spend some “alone time” with the couch and realised how uncomfortable it is. Guess what? The moment you sat on it, the price of that sofa depreciated. And it’s never going to be easy to get rid of it. The fabric will fade, it will stain, the wood will rot, but that sofa will never leave your home. It’s just going to occupy space and you can do is ask yourself “why?”.


  1. Your home gets to be as trendy as you

You love fashion. You love new things. And you’re always on the lookout for the “in-thing” or the “latest”. Well, when you’re renting furniture from Furlenco, your home gets to do the same. Say you get bored with a certain arrangement, all you need to do is call us and say the magic word “SWAP”. Keep trying something new every time and not only surprise yourself, but surprise everyone who comes home. The best part about Furlenco is that we evolve with your changing tastes and needs.


  1. One room. Many ideas!

Staying on the topic of trending, can you imagine what all you can do with one room? Love those game nights with friends? Then bring home the Entertainment Zone. Want to go minimal and have just one thing that will suit all your needs? The Pod is your answer. Hosting a house party and some folks are bringing their kids along? The Bounce will do just fine. Your parents are visiting and you need that extra bedroom? We’ve got you covered. Fallen in love and he/she is coming home for the first time? Furlenco is your wingman too, you know!


  1. Live a compromise-free lifestyle

There are some things that money can’t buy. And that is when renting makes a whole lot of sense. And in the case of furniture, it makes complete sense. Why buy things that will only stop you from growing? Why buy things that will depreciate in value as soon as they enter your home? Why save up and buy later when you can just rent now? And guess what? You can do a whole lot more with your hard-earned money than spend it on buying furniture.


  1. Spend those savings on the things that matter. Like life experiences

That dream vacation. Your favorite band’s last concert abroad. That backpacking adventure across Europe. Whatever makes your heart skip a beat and energizes you for life, spend your money on that. Remember #YOLO? Well, live your life to the fullest. And never ever let furniture come in the way of those many experiences you want to have.


  1. When it comes to furniture, you be Batman and let us be your Alfred!

Think of us as your furniture concierge. Why?

Well, for starters, if you’ve rented from us and your furniture has gotten dirty, we will deep-clean it for you for free.

If you’re bored with the look at home and want something new, we will Swap your current Furlenco furniture for a new package of your choice, for free.

If life is taking you places, and you have to relocate within the city or to a new one, all you have to do is pack your bags and leave. We will take care of the furniture, provided we operate in the city you’re moving to. And yes, for free!


Life is awesome when you rent furniture from Furlenco. Because you get to do more and be more while spending on the things that matter. So, don’t go mental. Try rental!

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