Keep it clean. Keep it simple. That has become the mantra everywhere, thanks to the concept of minimalism. From fashion to music to how brands picture themselves to even how people picture their homes.


When it comes to homes, minimalism involves less furniture and details and greater attention to the entire space itself. The idea of minimalism in interior design is to arrive at something that is simple yet sophisticated, beautiful yet practical, and using little to say a lot.


If you’re after that minimal look for your home, well, let’s help you out. Here are a few tips and tricks to get your home to say a lot about you with the least number of elements.    


Everything starts with the furniture

Furniture takes up the maximum space in any room. So, that is the first thing we should start with. The fewer pieces of furniture, the better. When it comes to colour, white is the preferred choice. So, for example, if you’re exploring a clean and minimal look for your bedroom, our Allen Bed fits right in.

Minimal furniture

Colour plays a vital role

The walls of your room add a lot to that minimal look. We know it’s really hard to resist that urge to splash some funky shades on one wall. But we’ll let you bend the rules a bit here. Go for that dash of bright colour as long as the rest of the room has subtle shades. When we say ‘subtle’, we mean solid colours that don’t stress the eyes. For example, earthy shades such as blues, browns, tan, and greens are a good choice. But white trumps everything.

No more clutter  

If you have a penchant for art or like putting up photos on your walls, going minimal will be extremely tough. The maximum you can put up in a room is two pieces of artwork. The rest has to be stashed away, out of sight. If you have a bookshelf, you have to pick what books go in there. The rest of your massive collection will have to be kept under wraps. Going minimal means reducing everything to nothing, in every small part of your room.     

Minimal furniture

The same goes for the decor

In minimalism, decor serves the purpose of accentuating the overall look of the room. A uniquely-shaped vase or a small potted plant or a contemporary floor lamp are classic examples. If your room has subdued colours, your decor can be bright such that they catch the eye and add a splash of vibrancy to an otherwise ordinary room.

Minimal furniture

Going minimal might sound like a great idea but achieving the right look does take a lot of time and involve making many compromises. But, at the end of the exercise, it’s all worth it. So, go ahead. Explore minimalism for your home. You might fall in love with how spacious all the rooms get.


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