Winter is here and unless you’re Jon Snow, you know what that means. That’s right, dragons, Cersei drinking wine, white walkers, ravens, some death here and there, Tyrion drinking some more wine, some more death sprinkled across the season and of course, the Great War!

As the latest season of Game of Thrones fast approaches, all you fans out there are probably losing your mind counting down the days to the latest season. And like every die hard fan of the series, I too want to prepare myself for the Great War and do a recap of all the seasons before the new season starts. And we all know how long each episode is so it’s better to get super comfortable before starting the mega marathon. Our solution is that you can rent furniture from Furlenco depending on the kind of fan you are.

Here’s our list:

  1. The Night Watch(er)

You are the kind to spend days and nights trying to recap the whole of the six seasons before the new season is out then the Pod is your best companion. Rent the Pod, get your favorite munchies and watch all the episodes peacefully on your bed and you will never have to move from your spot (unless of course, you want to use the washroom to which we cannot provide an alternative for.)

Game of thrones - rent your throne

  1. The Iron Throne

You are pumped for the new season, you’ve made your own strategies and  you cannot wait to see if you are right or if the plot takes another twist (like it usually does.) Your Iron Throne is our Lounger. You can push back and recline while watch as the plot unfolds as per your predictions or sit on the edge of the seat, gasping and shocked as the plot twists. Either way, rent your iron throne, get super comfortable and enjoy your favorite show.

Game of thrones - rent your throne

  1. The Maester

You love the books of the series and you have managed to read all of them (at least the ones George has published) and now you want to re-read all of them before the seventh season is out. And like every bookworm out there, you float away to another world in your imagination while engrossed in the books. What better companion than the Float? Rent the Float and you can sit back in a comfortable reading position and enjoy the books.

Game of thrones - rent your throne

  1. The King’s Party

You love watching the series with a group of your friends. It’s like a big themed party, you have food and drinks named after your favorite characters or families from the show, you have done up your house with Game of Thrones inspired art, the opening theme song is playing in the background and if the party is really wild, you and your friends are in costumes. Rent the Bounce for such parties. It’s the best social furniture you can ask for, have your friends sit around the Bounce and let the marathon begin!

Game of thrones - rent your throne

And there you have it! Do you agree with our list? If you do, rent awesome furniture from Furlenco and enjoy watching the series in comfort and happiness.

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