The primary idea behind renting furniture for your home is to make the process of doing up your space easy and hassle-free. With a variety of curated furniture and appliance packages to offer, Furlenco also gives you more reasons for renting:

1. Hosting your guests

If you have guests coming over and they’re planning to stay over for some time, it doesn’t make sense for you to buy a whole new bedroom setup. This is where renting makes perfect sense. Rent a comfortable bed with matching soft furnishings, home decor and accessories at one-third the cost.

We understand that it is a short-term necessity but with the choice of swap, you could transform your guest room into a gaming room, a reading nook, a personal theatre, a party hub, as soon as your guests leave! You think of it and Furlenco makes it happen for you.Rent Furniture

2. Change is the only permanent

If you’ve just moved into a new house and you are unsure about how you want your home to look or what sort of furniture would suit your house, Furlenco offers a variety of options for you to choose from. For a corner, a room or your entire home, Furlenco has the answer.

And even if you do eventually figure out exactly how you want your home to look, the truth is, that choice may change as time goes by. Think about it – have you ever preferred just one kind of cuisine? Or just one kind of design? Or just one flavor of ice cream? By renting furniture, you allow your home to change as you change. If you’re bored of how your home looks after six months, simply swap your existing furniture for something new. Don’t let the hassle of buying new furniture and selling old furniture stop your home from matching your ever-changing tastes and ever-evolving personality!

3. Unfurnished vs Fully furnished

If you’ve got yourself a good deal with a great, fully furnished house, that’s awesome for you! But as your furniture concierge, it’s our responsibility to help you make an informed decision. So, here’s a quick table you can refer to:


With Furlenco, you save on rent, relocation, and cleaning. You have more money at your disposal to spend on the better things in life such as travel and other new experiences.

4. We are your Furniture Concierge Service

Bored of the look of your house? Swap your current furniture for anything else. Stained the fabric on your sofa? Furlenco offers free deep cleaning services making sure your sofa looks brand new. Moving within the city or to another city? We offer free relocation services. You just pack your bags and leave and Furlenco will take care of the rest! Right from moving to set it up in your new house. We make it very easy for you.

Rent Furniture

We understand that renting furniture from Furlenco fits into your plans as a short-term solution, but the truth is when you rent furniture, you give yourself a chance to pamper yourself. Not because you need it but because you deserve it. Because you’ve made the smarter choice by renting award-winning furniture and by choosing to live better now!

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