Uber to work. Swiggy the food. Dunzo the alcohol. Furlenco the home.

This is probably regularly used parlance amongst upscale, urban Indian.

But before that. Who are these millennials? 

So much for the classical definition. But what about attitudinally? Well, these are people who are willing to travel across cities to make their mark and live their dreams. People who don’t follow the beaten path of ‘job at X married at Y, kids at Z’.

Those who believe in experiences under their belt, not things.

Sounds like you? Read on!

You do your thing, your way!

Local baking business? Young turk in an established MNCs? Growth hacker in a thriving start-up? Freelancer like you always dreamed? Yes, people are doing their own thing today. But all of them have one thing in common . LIVE BETTER TODAY. Not tomorrow, when you save enough to buy all the nice things in the world. Whether its a comfortable car ride over an auto (Uber), or a gourmet meal without a kitchen (Swiggy), or comfortable furniture without buying (Furlenco).

Flaunt value

From phones to cars to fashion to being spotted at the city’s favourite hotspots to tagging the world in those fancy vacation pictures; well, all of us love to be in the limelight. Whether its driving to Goa or Hampi in a Harley (Wickedride), or an awesome house party lounging on trendy, comfortable furniture (Furlenco), urban India wants to have it all. Now they can! 


‘Today you are you, that is truer that true. There is no one alive who is you-er than you!’ Dr Suess said that, and millennial India agrees. Curls. Nose-rings above the eye. Clothes that are comfortable, not trending. Changing tastes as personalities change. No wonder startups exist to rent fashion!(Flyrobe) Who wants to keep a closet full of things which we’ve worn just once? And what about the home? Does that old sofa define you? Or the plastic chair set that the landlord left behind? Why not rent trendy furniture? (Furlenco) These startups realise that urban India want everything, without the commitment of buying anything. And that’s exactly what they’re here to do. 

What if…?

What if you don’t like it tomorrow? What if you move cities? What if your tastes change?

Let’s face it, the internet, and social media especially, has made us love the idea of “instant”. What’s new today will be passe tomorrow. Be it hashtags or fashion, millennials latch on to every online trend. And don’t like being stuck in the past. That’s where these startups lets you stay with the times. Have everything, change when bored. Always stay recent! 

Furlenco’s swap furniture feature and free relocation feature ensure that people never have to worry about old furniture or moving furniture wherever they are. Add on a free cleaning services – to make your furniture look new – always!

Dedicated to you. Who live your lives, without any compromise, to the fullest.

Without anything tying you down. Who invest your money on the things that matter: gaining as many life experiences as possible.  

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Furlenco operates its services in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Pune or Delhi-NCR.

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