Frugal Living for the Modern Gentleman


There’s a lot more to being a man than expensive clothes, and hot babe of the month, at least you think so. You’re interested in your potential; in what it means to be a man, in an increasingly impersonal and unscrupulous world. You’re young, but wise and disdainful of people who tell you condescendingly that “you’ll learn”, meaning that you’ll turn into them, conformist and jaded.

You go beyond that, you work hard, but also seek actualization. You keep your spirit open to new experiences, travel when you can, buy our own clothes and underwear, and always try to present your best face forward. You date with caution and believe in chivalry and respectful behaviour. In other words, you’re an old-school kind of young guy, making your way in a dog-eats-dog world.

How then do you communicate your pride and pleasure in being a modern gentleman?

You have an emergency fund: However well-off your parents are; you have a rainy-day fund of at least 6 months’ worth of your take home pay. This gives you the freedom to cast off a truly soul-numbing job if you must and give yourself room to float while you decide where to land.  

You pay off your debts, religiously: So maybe it’s that educational loan, or a personal loan you HAD to take. As a responsible and upright kind of guy, you’re paying that due – regularly and making extra instalments when you can.

You live in a home, not a salaried boy’s room: You pride yourself on your neat home. It’s got furniture (not just a grubby mattress on the floor) and you know how to accessorise it. Sure, the furniture’s rented to suit your paycheck ( to the rescue), but it’s clean-lined, contemporary, and it makes your place worth returning to, and bringing a date home to.

You know how to maximize a minimal wardrobe: Sure, there are sales on nearly every other month, but you don’t believe in conspicuous consumption – you’d rather use the money to travel. You have a functional wardrobe that allows for mix n match to suit all your life situations – work, lunch socializing, dates, casual chilling with friends, ethic-wear for festivals and family occasions, and so on.

You possess, and keep, a notebook: The modern gentleman knows the difference between owning a notebook, and keeping one. Keeping a notebook (even if it’s Evernote on your phone) means jotting thoughts, scribbling hisaab updates, work ideas, and keeping track of to-dos that pop into your head throughout the day. A practice that grounds you and secures things from escaping your notice in the hurry-burry of daily life.

There you have them. So sure, you were born male – you had no hand in that. But to become a man – an upright, responsible and sterling one, is a choice you’ve made. We hope our pointers help you on the way. Cheers.

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  • Lovely post and aspiration. Living this way does mean that you don’t have to chase the corporate money machine yet can still live a gentleman’s life. And the notebook touch, yes! But don’t you prefer a moleskin or leather notebook over a smart phone? A travel journal, perhaps?

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