Nothing beats the satisfaction of creating your home décor from scratch, with your own two hands. DIY home décor has gained massive popularity over the years. With the option of customizing your décor, DIY home décor ideas have endless possibilities. From using basic household products to making use of recyclable products optimally, DIY home décor is here to stay.

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Here some interesting DIY home décor ideas for Indian homes:

Upcycle those bottlesHome Decor- Bottle Decor

Your wine bottles don’t belong in the trash when they can liven up your living space. Add a dash of colour to them with spray paint or simply decorate them with twines or lace, to beautify them. Bottles can be used as planters, vases, decorative lighting holders, or as simple centrepieces.

Crate it up

Crate Decor- DIY Home Decor Ideas
Source: Pinterest

We often toss away wooden or plastic crates once we use them. But they can play a huge role in terms of sprucing up your home or for storage. You can paint, and glue crates together to make some interesting wall or floor shelves.

Mix it up with some fabric

Fabric Decor- DIY Home Decor Ideas
Source: Pinterest

Scrap fabric can always be found lying around any household. From stitching them together to make a patchwork rug/bed sheet, to making fabric bags, to using them as cushion covers, the possibilities are endless. Throw in a sewing machine, and your work just got easier.

Pin-up board

Pinboard Decor- DIY Home Decor Ideas
Source: Pinterest

Pin-up boards go in every room of the house be it the kitchen, the study or the living room. All it takes is a flat rectangular piece of wood, some cotton or scrap cloth for the filling, and a nice piece of fabric for the outer covering. Glue them together, and voila – you’ve made yourself a pin-up board.

Golden plant pots

Golden Pots- DIY Home Decor Ideas
Source: Pinterest

Plant pots are perhaps one of the easiest things to make. With numerous DIY home décor ideas for tin cans, golden plant pots are extremely popular. Spray golden/silver paint over any tin can, for a rustic and elegant look, and simply convert them into indoor planters.

Balloon Lampshades 101

Balloon Lampshade- DIY Home Decor Ideas
Source: Pinterest

Lampshades add ambience to any room, and this DIY home décor idea is super simple to do. Simply wrap and glue a twine/thread of your choice, around an inflated balloon. Once it dries, pop the balloon and lo, you’ve made yourself a super cute lampshade. It’s a cost-effective and easy procedure.

Catch those dreams

Dream Catcher- DIY Home Decor Ideas
Source: Pinterest

Dream catchers are uber popular bedroom décor, which radiates a calm boho aura. They are extremely easy to make with twine, feathers and beads. They can be customized according to the colour of your space, and are simple to make.

Add colour to your wallsPaint- DIY Home Decor Ideas

One of the easiest DIY home décor ideas is to add a splash of colour to the walls of your home. Pick a paint of your choice and transform your living space. Add a pattern or design along with the paint, for a vibrant look and feel to your rooms.

Organize in style

Organise- DIY Home Decor Ideas
Source: Pinterest

One of the most functional and useful DIY projects involve using recycled items to organize your things. Whether it is a cardboard box, a tin can, or jars, it can be easily converted to store your jewellery, stationery and so on.

Get those shelves floating

Floating Walls- DIY Home Decor Ideas
Source: Pinterest

Floating shelves are the next big thing. You can easily attach panels of metal, wood or plastic to your wall by drilling it or using wood glue. The shelves give a floating effect and are minimalistic and elegant pieces of DIY home décor.

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