Dear Zindagi,

Been a long journey, hasn’t it? And we still have such a long way to go!

I’ve just been reminiscing about the last few days… Remember our first apartment in Mumbai? What a disaster that was! That tiny, dingy, dirty hole of a ‘house’. That leaky tap that never stopped dripping (even when we didn’t have water in the tank!). I can’t believe you talked me into staying there for a full six months. And awful as it was, the truth is we pulled through. You knew I could wing it, didn’t you?

Then, I found that gorgeous apartment that just so happened to be easy on the pocket too. All because I waited! And when I was making foolish plans to go buy myself that gorgeous sofa, you intervened again and said rent awesome furniture from Furlenco. Thanks for that knock on the head – it saved me a lot of time and heartache!

Speaking of which, remember that ex of mine? Yes, that one. Jeez, what was I thinking? Scratch that. Was I even thinking? I know you tried to warn me, more than once in fact. But I was Shahrukh Khan & Alia Bhatt - Dear Zindagi Storeblinded. By love. And by how gorgeous he was (!). But in hindsight, I should have listened to you.

What I’m getting at is that Zindagi, you win! You’ve been right about so many things and you know so much more than I ever will. It’s like sitting on a roller coaster ride, blindfolded. You take the most unexpected turns and you’re constantly moving and changing. It’s tiring, exhausting, admirable to say the least!

So dear Zindagi, I look forward to our journey ahead and here’s to all the adventures we’ll encounter along the way!

Love you Zindagi!


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