Winter brings with it its festivities, joy and a brand new start. And it’s safe to say that despite the weather, we all love winter!

With numerous holidays that come with the season, this season gives time for cosy snuggling all day long. As nights turn longer, and sleep turns deeper, being comfortable and warm is essential to brave the cold. In such a scenario, avoiding the chills while getting your ‘comfy’ mood on is the way to go. And winter bedroom ideas and hacks are vital at this point, to prevent a frostbitten way of life. So look no further, presenting to you winter bedroom ideas that are guaranteed to cosy up your space!

Layer your bed

Layer Your Bed- Winter Ready Bedroom

Layers are essential to fight the cold. Be it the layers of your clothes, or simply layering your bedding. From quilts to fleece blankets, to sheets, to a simple comforter, layering your bed keeps you warm head to toe, by trapping your body heat within the sheets. Rent cosy bedroom packages from Furlenco.

Change those curtains

Curtains- Winter Ready Bedroom
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This is perhaps one of the most underrated winter bedroom ideas of all time. Adding an extra layer to the curtains, or even replacing your normal curtains to super-thick ones go a long way in warming up your space. Thick curtains certainly keep those chills away.

Light it up the right way

Lighting- Winter Ready Bedroom

Lighting plays a key role in determining the feel of a bedroom. Winter being a season where dark overpowers light, warm lighting goes a long way in cosying up a space. Warm and soft lighting always gives a snuggle-worthy feel to bedrooms.

Don’t skimp on rugs

Rugs- Winter Ready Bedroom

What’s better than one rug? Two, three, four rugs! The floor can be the ultimate chills-giver during winter, and what better way to tackle this than with comfy rugs? Using multiple rugs is one of our favourite picks when it comes to cosy winter bedroom ideas.

Insulation for the win

Windows and doors often have tiny unsealed gaps here and there. And believe it or not, cold air flows majorly through these gaps. Sealing them with insulation tape or rubber sealing plays a key role in safeguarding the bedroom from the cold.

Play with textures

Bedroom Texture- Winter Ready Bedroom

When it comes to winter bedroom ideas, this is unquestionably one of the most popular ones. From wool to fur, to heavy cotton, to fleece, to even tweed, mixing up these materials in your bedroom, keeps it warm and comfy.

Add some winter colours

Colours and the weather go hand-in-hand. One of our favourite winter bedroom ideas is to use warm colours. Browns, greys and maroons always do the trick when it comes to making your indoor colour palette winter ready.

Welcome the dark

Move Furniture- Winter Ready Bedroom
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Dark colours, in general, are known to absorb heat. From using dark décor to curtains, to bedding, or simply painting the room in a dark colour, helps keep it cosy. Keeping the primary elements dark, you can decorate the rest of the room in winter colours.

Spread some holiday décor

In most cases, only the living space of the house is custom-decorated for the holidays. There is no need to withhold holiday décor in the bedroom. By using holiday elements such as special lights, ribbons and so on, the holiday cheer reaches your room.

Move your furniture

Typically beds, chairs and tables are placed near windows. But during winter, it is advised to move them away from windows and doors. The upholstery and bedding often absorb the cold, when placed near windows.

Hope these winter bedroom ideas come in handy while keeping those chills away. Completely avoiding the wrath of the winter is close to impossible. But incorporating these useful hacks makes the season bearable, and a whole lot merrier!

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