Choosing a bed is as important as choosing a soulmate – you spend a considerable amount of your life with it. And though living in a small space seems practical and cosy, one of the toughest challenges is selecting furniture that fits into it. So here’s a guide on how to choose your favourite hello and hardest goodbye, if you are living in a compact place:

Measuring room space

Choose a bed- measure size

You might get swept off your feet when you see a variety of big beds at the home decor store, but make sure you get your room’s spatial planning right before you start picking your options. If your room is tiled, you can measure the floor space which your bed will occupy, by counting the number of tiles/squares in terms of length and width. In other cases, a tape measure is your best bet.

What about the position?

Choose a bed- Position

Make note of what exactly the challenge is. If what you need is floor space to walk around, consider placing your bed against the wall, in the corner where two walls meet. Ensure that any door leading into your room, or going to the bathroom, can open and close fully even with your bed in the room. If placing your bed in the middle with three open sides is not a feasible option, try keeping it longways next to a window.

King, Queen or Twin?

Arrange Bedroom Furniture- Bed Always Wins

If you and your partner are cuddly sleepers, you might want to invest in a queen bed; or if you move around in your sleep and like your space, you can consider a king-size bed. Again, this requires planning on how to make the best use of floor space in your room. A twin bed is the most helpful option if you are the only inhabitant of your room, especially when you’re trying to minimize space. Whatever your bed needs are, take a look at Furlenco’s options – we have all kinds of beds for you!

Functional is the way to go

Storage Bed

If you’re really keen on fitting a queen bed into your room, get one with a storage option beneath it so you won’t have to buy a separate shelf or chest of drawers, saving more space. Sofa beds are also a great addition to tiny rooms, with their seating and sleeping-in options. Hidden storage not only saves space but also makes your room look more organized and less cluttered.

All concerns aside, if you just want a bed that makes your room feel bigger and more expansive, get a sleigh bed, a lofted bed or a canopy bed. Lofted beds give you space underneath where you can accommodate a desk or a bookcase. This makes your room seem like it can hold more items than you could imagine; canopy beds give you an illusion of height, with their outline. Pick wisely!

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