A flood of emotions

The rains were bad. Very, very bad. Mumbai recorded the highest rainfall in twelve hours over the past decade and my twenty-year-old building recorded waist-deep water. We were all locked in with no electricity for over twelve hours and even when the power was back, there were regular power cuts. These are the true testing…

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Explorer of the Unknown

Update, update, updaaaaate! What an exciting week it’s been! Vikram (my brother) was to land on the eve of Rakhi. But before that, I had to make sure my tiny house had space for another person to live in. He was going to be here for a week so I cleared up some wardrobe space…

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Weekend Shenanigans

I am happy. This week has given me nothing but pure, unadulterated happiness. Mr Handsome (if you are wondering why I haven’t mentioned his name, it’s because calling him Mr Handsome is more fun) and I worked together on a small project for most part of last week and I was hoping there would be…

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