A good sofa set is perhaps the heart and soul of a living room. Being the key element of living room interior design, sofas have to be comfortable, functional and aesthetically appealing. The living room is the sacred space of a home where family and friends come to unwind and connect, at the same time. Hence, it is a must for the sofa to be a place of comfort, ease and happiness.

Who doesn’t love a stylish sofa? We know we do! With so many styles of modern sofa designs available in the market, cherry-picking the right one can be a tricky decision. To be really honest, when it comes to modern sofa set designs, there is right and wrong. It all relies upon how you choose to style the rest of the space. Here are some tips, tricks and hacks to keep in mind while selecting a modern sofa design.

‘L’ shape for the win

Sofa Designs- L Shaped

L shaped sofas have gained massive popularity, with its ability to double up as beds. The shape accommodates more people while saving space within the room. The single unit acts as a perfect platform to get those conversations flowing. Our top pick is the Lana L shaped sofa.

Go simple with a futon

Sofa Design- Futon

Futon is the Japanese take on flexible furniture. Being the epitome of simplicity and minimalist design, futons stretch out to be beds. Usually, the wood and mattress come separate with regard to a futon, thus making the possibilities even more diverse.

Play with luxury sofas

Sofa Designs- Luxury

If your budget is high, and you’re looking for an opulent yet classy living space, luxury sofas are the way to go. Italian luxury sofas radiate extravagance, with its intricate detailing, luxurious fabric and royal demeanour. With a luxury sofa, you can live life king size.

Did anyone say leather?

Sofa Designs- Leather Sofa

Leather and faux leather sofas have been a popular pick in many households. They are modern and chic, without burning a huge hole in your pocket. Leather is comfortable, basic and extremely easy to maintain, thus working particularly well for bachelors.

Classics remain classics

Sofa Designs- Classic

Who doesn’t love an old school classic sofa? Huge, comfortable cotton-based sofas with umpteen cushions and bolsters define this style. They are versatile and usually blend in with any space although they don’t have the ‘sleek factor’ that modern sofas have.

Boxy is foxy

Sofa Designs- Boxy Sofas

Boxy furniture is in, and we can say that without a doubt. As we explore contemporary styles, we see how clean straight lines, geometric angles and soft curves play a huge role. Boxy sofas are the go-to style of modern sofa designs.

White is the new black

Sofa Designs- White Sofa

Many modern sofa designs see the use of whites. Being sleek and clean in nature, white gives an airy and elegant vibe. Additionally, whites effortless blend in with all surroundings. Throw in some colourful cushions, and you’ve found yourself the sofa of your dreams.

Pop of colour

Sofa Design- Pop of Colors

Many modern sofa designs thrive with the usage of colours that are in fashion. From aquamarine blues to sober greys, to a dash of coral elements, sofas see a spectrum of colours, which are displayed oh-so-tastefully. It is also essential not to overbear the sofa with colours.

Space-saving sofas

Sofa Designs- Space Saving

City living often comes with its space restrictions, sadly. While we are cramming away in smaller apartments, space-saving sofas really come in handy. Flex with ottoman is one of our top favourites when it comes to space saving sofas.

Earthy at its best

Sofa Designs- Earthy

Our final pick when it comes to modern sofa designs is earthy designs. Keeping in mind the elements such as wood and brick, a rustic feel is brought to the living space. Walls of bricks, panels of wood in the furniture and sober colours complete this look.

Sofas are abundant in design, style, functionality and price. Picking the right one shouldn’t be much of a hassle, given your budget and design preference. A sofa isn’t an entity of its own; it is just an element of the living space, albeit an important one. So enough consideration must be given to the rest of the room, to make your space modern and stylish.

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