‘Walls always speak the loudest’ said a very wise man once, and we couldn’t agree more. Besides being the pillars that carry your homes on their shoulders- literally and figuratively, walls play a key role in creating an ambience for your living space. The walls of the living room in particular, just change the aura of the whole house. Hence innovative living room wall décor ideas go a long way in determining the space. In order to help you enhance your living room walls, we have put together some interesting wall décor ideas that add spunk to your living rooms.

Pop those coloursPaint- Living room wall decor

Colours play a key role in determining the vibe of a living room. Different colours have different effects on our moods, so it is imperative to colour your wall depending on the mood you want to enhance in your living space. Throw in some texture to this colour, and you’ve got yourself a masterpiece of a wall.

Pictures speak louder than words

Living room wall decor- pictures
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Decorating your living room walls with photographs of your family and life adds a sense of comfort or warmth to the living space. It creates an aura filled with love and security, thus changing the vibe of your space. Throw in some quirky frames to these photographs, and bewilder at the transformation of your living room.

Green is the wordLiving room wall decor- go green

A huge recent trend is to add a touch of green to your living space, with the help of indoor plants. It adds a refreshing feel to the room, in addition to purifying the air, regulating the humidity and preventing several insects from entering your sacred space. It’s the best breath of fresh air you could give your living room.

Storage for décorLiving room wall decor- shelves

One of the best functional wall décor ideas has to be the incorporation of storage in your décor. They add a sense of personality to the room while reflecting your interests in the form of plants, books or curio’s that you can use them to the shelf. Today, shelves come in the most creative and unique patterns that simply spruce up any living space.

Mirror mirror on the wall

Living room wall decor- mirrors
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Other popular yet cost-effective living room wall décor ideas include the use of mirrors. Mirrors are simple, yet elegant. They have the ability to make small rooms look bigger and airy. Additionally, they also reflect light and space, thus making your living room seem brighter. Mirrors come with some interesting frames, so the question of monotony just disappears.

Making a statement

Living room wall decor- wall decals
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Yet another frequented and popular method to add that touch of life to your living space is with the use of words. Inspiration comes from a lot of places, but staring at your favourite quote on a daily basis, is sure to boost your energy levels. You can use quotes in the form of framed quotes, wallpapers, and paintings on the wall.

Unique texturesLiving room wall decor- textured walls

Like mentioned before, wall textures go a long way in shaping the aura of a space. You can create unique textures on walls, by picking out one prominent wall and styling it differently. There are many living room wall décor ideas to light up your space. You can use wood, stone cladding, textured wallpapers, bricks or even tapestry to add that dapper look to your living room wall.

Old school with blackboards

Living room wall decor- blackboards
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Blackboards have an old school charm to them. They are simple and never go out of style. Adding them to your space gives you a whole new level of scope in terms of customization. From writing down chores and schedules to having a new quote of the day, to doodling your favourite illustrations, the possibilities are endless with the blackboard wall. This way, you will never feel bored!

Hang your passion

Living room wall decor- hang your passion
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This is a simple, yet refreshing wall décor idea. The relatively new method of hanging your passion is nothing but hanging certain products like bicycles, motorbikes, musical instruments, hats, bottles and so on. This way, your options are endless, you save space, and your wall looks energizing and different. This form of décor is currently trending.

Your space can be LIT

Living room wall decor- lights
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Over the years, lighting has increasingly played a significant role in adding to the décor of a living room. With the right lighting, the character of a space enhances by many folds. Wall lighting options are plenty in variety and can add a sense of sophistication to your space. From fairy lights to panel lights on the walls, to illuminated framed artwork, lighting takes your living space to a whole new level.

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