If you are looking to give your bedroom a makeover but are unsure about what needs to be done, there are a few simple ways to set up a bedroom on a budget.

It is important to find what your goals for setting up the bedroom room are and then decide on the budget for the bedroom furniture accordingly. Decide what the room needs before you start plans for a makeover.

The Bed

Bed- Bedroom Furniture

Adult Bedrooms have a bed. Period. If you need to spend all of your budget in getting a solid bed, then do it now. If you are short on money (even a single bed can be quite expensive to purchase) then maybe consider renting a bed to suit your needs.

There are various kinds of beds to suit your needs. There’s the simple, no-nonsense single bed; if you are looking to host guests for a long period of time, then maybe a queen-sized unit in the guest room is the way to go. Some smart choices, like going for a bed with a storage unit can help declutter your room and help save money you would spend on storage units otherwise

Sofa Bed / Mattress

Sofa cum Bed- Bedroom Furniture

It might be okay for a 20- something just out of college to live life out on a mattress on the floor, but if you’re seeing someone and things are going steady, or if you parents threaten you with a week-long visit, then it is time to buckle up and invest in a bed.

If you insist on making guests suffer on a mattress or it is that bohemian, artsy look you are going for, there are some smart choices when it comes to budget bedroom furniture. First off, if the mattress looks like something (or someone) died in it, throw it out and get a new one. Or you could also go for simple, sturdy mattresses that double up as a cushion or bed.

Alternatively, you can go for a diwan or a sofa-cum-bed that can be shifted from the living room to the spare bedroom.

Again, you don’t have to buy all this bedroom furniture. You can rent them as well.

Storage units

Storage Solutions- Bedroom Furniture

Storage units are an essential item of bedroom furniture. A bedside table that doubles up as a small storage box or a chest of drawers to store intimate ware and sundry items can immediately class up your bedroom. Alternatively, simple clear plastic boxes, stacked one on top of the other can also function as a cheap, makeshift set of drawers.

There are also several portable wardrobes made of fabric that you can store clothes in.

Window shades

Another simple and cost-effective way to set up a bedroom on a budget is to buy curtains. Buy curtains or blinds to go with other items of bedroom furniture. Experiment by buying floor length drapes that keep filter the light out or transparent materials that add a breezy, fresh look to the room. Blinds of unconventional materials like, wood or raffia can add an earthier feel to the room.

Wall Art / Colour

Wall Decor- Bedroom Furniture
Source: Pinterest

For those on a shoestring budget, simply changing the colour of your walls is another great way to transform the way your room feels. You can experiment with colour and texture to decide the look of the room.

If you can’t afford to go for paint on the walls, you might consider options like wallpaper or a simple decal or art mural to transform the look of your room.


Lights- Bedroom Furniture

Lighting fixtures can dramatically alter the mood of the room. A string of fairy lights is a simple DIY solution to spruce up your bedroom on a budget.

Go for a lava lamp in the corner or a standalone bedroom light to alter the way a room looks. You can also consider focus lights, led strips hidden under the bed, or colour-changing LED tube lights to decide the look that works best or you.


Accessories- Bedroom Furniture

Accessorizing a room is an art and is a simple but effective way to highlight the bedroom furniture. A simple glass or ceramic flower vase on the bedroom table or a wall with framed photographs can really alter the way a room feels. Simple touches, like a stool at the edge of the bed, a wind chime near a window, or a tapestry painting or artwork that covers a huge wall is a great way to showcase your personality.

Bedroom Linen

One way to instantly change the look of your season is to replace the linen and sheets in the bedroom. A choice investment in pillow covers, different bedspreads or a duvet can really change the look of a room overnight. You can change the sheets to match the changing seasons.

Unconventional bedroom furniture

Unconventional- Bedroom Furniture

Adding a chaise lounge or settee sofa can really change the look of a bedroom, giving it a bohemian flair, allowing you an additional room to hold a party or simply lounge about with a book. For those on a budget, simple bedroom furniture like a stool, a bedside cart or a headboard to store books can also change the way a bedroom looks

Bedroom for children

Kids Room- Bedroom Furniture

Purchasing furniture for your child’s room can be challenging: they can outgrow that pink baby poster bed and cartoon themed pillows really fast. If you don’t want to invest in children’s furniture, maybe consider renting beds specifically for children that also doubles up as a play station.

A simple storage unit for kids, to stash away the toys and study items when they are not in use can help keep the room clutter free. These items are not only washable and hygienic, they are especially designed for children, which means you can stop worrying about sharp edges or hard surfaces.

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