The festival of lights and joy? AND spring cleaning too? Yep, that’s Diwali.

We all remember Diwali at home. It was the season of out with the old, in with the new. Our homes got a thorough cleaning and a brand new, festive look courtesy mom and the extended family.


Now that we’ve all grown up and have moved out of home, what do we do about homes on Diwali? We don’t necessarily have all the space our moms did at home, nor do we necessarily have time. We could loosen the purse strings but not enough to replicate home. Or so we think.  The good thing about the times we live in is that the shared economy is here to bail us out.

So, don’t spend a bomb on furniture this Diwali. Get yourself an awesome looking home anyway. How? Choose to be diffeRENT. Furlenco It!

Need inspiration? We’ve got some below:

The Single One
Haaaaave you met Bounce? It’s cool, it’s multi-functional and it’s the perfect place for your Diwali party with friends. Throw in some cards, a dash of drinks, a truckload of mithai and some good music…and watch your life be lit up this Diwali!


The Coupled Up Ones
Just married, and couldn’t make it home? Confused about who’s home to visit, his or hers? But wait…what about the one you live in? The home that’s really yours. Throw a Diwali dinner for your gang and add some colour to your life with our Festive Vive Living Room package! For the couple time, we’ve also got the Festive Pico Bedroom package. Don’t you wish your home was pretty like this? Don’t cha? Don’t cha?


The Modern Family
Married a while, white picket fence, and 1.5 kids? Any combination of the previous sound like you? Your Diwali is probably going to be in your den, and boy, do we have the perfect solution for you or what? Bring home the Float! Sit back, put your feet up and enjoy some good family time in your living room. Or your bedroom. Or your study room. Float’s a good fit everywhere. Fancy watching the fireworks together? Our Happy Balcony was just made for you!


Sounds like a plan? Why wait then? Gift yourself a vibRENT home this Diwali. Furlenco It!

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