An estimated 8 hours of sleep every night can surely do wonders for your body and mind, but have you considered how much the ambience you sleep in, really affects your mood? Your bedroom is the one space in your house where you spend most of your time – and it’s essential to create an environment that relaxes you and makes you feel comfortable at the same time. Here are a few bedroom decor ideas we think will help.

Less is more

Bedroom Designs- Less is more

If you haven’t watched Marie Kondo getting rid of items that ‘spark joy’ already, we suggest you follow this simple but effective tip to make your bedroom space feel larger and less cluttered. Invest in one statement piece – t could be your bed, a wardrobe or a chest of drawers and go easy on the remaining decor. Check out our Mili Dvi Queen bed with Ebony wardrobe package to get a more spacious feel.

In the spotlight

Bedroom Designs- In the spotlight

Often, your bedroom reflects your personality and draws focus to what your interests are. We suggest going the simple way and putting the focus on one main feature. It could be by the window, in the corner or in the space above your bed. Doing this makes sure that too many accessories are not fighting for your attention. You can hang a few frames of different sizes on one wall or go for a cosy reading nook to stash your books.


Bedroom Designs- Monochromatic

When you have a small room,  you can make the petit space more open and airy by sticking to one light colour scheme. Going by the colour theory, you can bring a relaxing and calm vibe into your room by choosing an icy blue or the classic white. Pair it with dark furniture and a slight hint of colour in your accessories, and you’ll find yourself staying at home more than stepping outside.

Walls need attention

Bedroom Designs- Walls
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The first thing to greet you when you enter the room, other than your favourite bed, can be personalized wall art which embraces your quirks and makes the space truly your own. You can pick between solid shades or textures. Once this is done, picking the rest of the furniture becomes easier, because your wall is already the highlight of the room, and the rest of the bedroom design will blend into it.

A focus area

Bedroom Designs- A Focus Area

Yes, yes, we know that there will be a law soon for not contacting your employees after work hours. But in reality, having a designated work or study area in your bedroom helps you prioritize. It can become the thinking corner in your room, where you get most of your work done without interruptions, and prevents you from taking work to your bed. Tip: Keep it as far away from the bed as possible and make it a creative space.

Avoid replicating a Pinterest board for your bedroom – mix and match ideas instead, to give your bedroom a customized, signature look.

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