Allen. That’s the name. Allen is simple. Allen is low maintenance. Allen doesn’t talk much. Allen is always around for you. Be it on those days when you just want to laze around or those nights when you come back exhausted from work, you’ll find that Allen can be your greatest source of comfort.

Oh! Did we mention that Allen is single. Strong, sturdy, loves metal but is a softie at heart. Allen likes accessories. Especially useful accessories. For example, Allen always carries around something called a night-stand. Allen will let you use the night-stand to keep things like your laptop and mobile phone on it.

Now, if you’re picking Allen to be your roommate, we suggest that Allen’s friends come home too. You would certainly get along with all of them. They’re helpful. They aren’t loud. They’ll love you for being Allen’s roommate. And, in turn, you’ll love being around them.

Allen’s Geeky Friend

The name is Nauka. From that last-minute college assignment to the business report that has to go ASAP, this friend can help you do it all. You’ll find that you can be super productive even at home with this friend around.   

Allen single bed

Allen’s Storehouse Friend

Lana was a Warehouse Manager. Now, Lana is a personal-belongings Specialist. Lana comes with enough space to keep your stuff organised and in the right place. So, there’s never mess lying around at home.

Allen Bed

Allen’s Spare Backpack

Now, this is not really a friend. But, this is something that you will certainly find helpful. A lot of things can go into Allen’s backpack. From extra pillows to clothes to things you might not use too often. Allen is more than happy to share the backpack. The only rule: you specifically have to ask for it. Code word: internal storage

Allen single bed

Allen sounds like a lot of fun right! We’re sure you’ll fall in love with Allen. Especially if you plan to live in a studio apartment or in a place where every bit of space counts.

Now, before we all get confuzzled about Allen and friends, Allen is a single bed, designed in-house by Furlenco. Nauka is a study table. And Lana is a wardrobe. But hey, they can still be the best roommates in the world.

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