Really quick backstory: Two friends lived in the same apartment complex on Bannerghatta Road. They’d been classmates right from school. After spiralling off on different tangents after Std. XII, they wound up in similar jobs at similar companies in the same neighbourhood. They’d stayed friends, shared a club membership, and their toddlers went to the same playschool. Both lived in well-appointed 2BHKs – 201A and 302B, with one significant difference…

Sivram bought loads of furniture to fill his family’s flat- at great expense and effort. His wife and he scoured neighbourhood markets, and home décor stores. And slowly, painstakingly put together a home that… well, looked and felt similar to their other work colleagues’ flats; pleasant, but cookie-cutter.

Raghu and Reema on the other hand went a totally different, and much easier, way. They called us- Furlenco. They chose rented furniture, a Mili 2BHK package for their 4 rooms- living, dining and 2 bedrooms, at a reasonable monthly subscription fee. Aside from all the major pieces (sofas, dining set and beds), the package came with accent pieces- like side tables, lamps, laundry baskets and candle holders- and soft-furnishings (theirs to keep whenever they decided to end their subscription) Reema and Raghu then added a few well-chosen pieces of art and artefacts from their travels, and personalised their home. Their flat got oohs and aahs, and in general felt cool and contemporary. Then came the big break.

Both Raghu and Sivram, who had been scouting the job markets for job jumps, landed plum postings with companies based in Whitefield. A one-way commute of nearly 40 kilometres was too insane to contemplate, even if they did carpool. Their children were babies still, shifting houses made much more sense, so shift they did. Their broker found them 2BHKs in the same apartment complex, and then the change didn’t feel quite so daunting. But once more came a difference…

Reema picked up the phone and called Furlenco, she let them know they needed to move on August 29th. Come the 29th, the Furlenco team turned up, a short time was spent on paperwork, and in 2 hours, all the Furlenco pieces were packed, moved out, loaded up and taken away- no fuss, no mess, and no extra cost. Come August 30thmorning, after a night on mattresses. Raghu went down to local market, hired a small 1-ton truck and struck a bargain with the owner/driver (at way less than half what it would cost Sivram) to take a fridge, the mattresses and 2 cupboards to the new flat by early evening. The rest was an easy load in their car, and by 2p.m. after a take-away lunch and a fond goodbye to their now ex-home, they were off.

Sivram’s wife Megha spent half a day calling movers and packers a week before the move, comparing rates and haggling. She and Sivram grudgingly agreed to a rate with the company they chose, and their date was fixed for August 30th. Come the fated morning, Sivram and Megha, who had spent the night packing suitcases, were already dead on their feet. The movers came and spent 6 hours packing everything and loading it all up onto the medium-heavy moving truck they’d agreed upon. Finally, by 4p.m. they all moved out together, their car leading with suitcases and assorted knick-knacks. By the time they reached Whitefield, and the movers off-loaded their furniture and removed the packaging, it was well past 7p.m.

Sivram, Megha and their baby stayed that night with Raghu and Reema, whose Furlenco relocation delivery had arrived an hour after they’d reached, and were unpacked and set up in 2 hours flat. Why, their flat even had Wi-Fi on!

So take heed good friends, this is a cautionary tale for each of us. You don’t need to bust the bank and break your back with a home-full of owned furniture that needs to be worried about each time you move around the city, or out of it. There’s a better way- rent your stuff from Furlenco, we’re only a phone call or click away. Cheers.

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