The rains were bad. Very, very bad. Mumbai recorded the highest rainfall in twelve hours over the past decade and my twenty-year-old building recorded waist-deep water. We were all locked in with no electricity for over twelve hours and even when the power was back, there were regular power cuts.

These are the true testing times for a city and especially for a city like Mumbai. The entire city was in this together, united by the flooding and the power cuts the heavy rains brought with it. Everyone was ready to offer help, food, shelter to anyone. Anything to make the misery a little more tolerable.

Vikram called, angry, upset and shook by the news and told me that he had booked a ticket for me on the next flight out to Delhi. It’s for your safety and for our parents’ sanity, he said over the phone.

Before leaving for the airport, I called up Furlenco and asked them to pause my subscription. That’s another cool thing I discovered with Furlenco, if you are leaving town for an uncertain period of time, you can opt to pause your subscription instead of choosing to cancel it. So, whenever I am back, I can just unpause my subscription without having spent any extra money.

As expected from the city, Mumbai hadn’t stopped. The roads were still filled with people wading through waist-deep water reaching their places, work was still happening and life was going on.

When I reached Delhi, I was welcomed with warm hugs, chocolates and a good home cooked meal courtesy of Riya. Vikram and Riya have been together since they were in college and since their tenth anniversary was fast approaching,  Vikram wanted to surprise her with a ring and an official proposal.

Another surprise Vikram had folded under his sleeve was that he had finally put the referral code from Furlenco I had shared with him to use. He was going to rent the Bounce, given how hard he had fallen in love with it when he visited me and the Infinity wardrobe for Riya and himself. Pretty sure next time I visit there will be other add-ons. This is good news for me because by using my referral code, Vikram gifted me a month’s rent off with Furlenco and that means I get to save that money and honestly, that is just great news for anyone.

As I sit in Vikram’s living room, working from Delhi, my thoughts wander to Mr. Handsome. I wonder if he is doing alright, if he’s safe and dry or is he stuck at some friend’s house, locked in with no electricity, listening to some music with his friends. I shot him a message and now, I am going to put my phone away. I don’t want to obsessively check my phone.

Till next time,
Stay safe Mumbai.

Signing off,
The Doodler.

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