Just six days since release, but it’s safe to say that Dear Zindagi has, by far, been the most relatable film of 2016. The characters on screen are eerily similar to either someone we know, or us in some cases!

With Kaira’s (Alia Bhatt) personality being the talk of the town, we decided to have some fun with it. Here are five times Kaira’s life was incredibly relatable. Think of some more instances, tell us and we’d be happy to include it!

Freedom: Who likes being tied down? Who doesn’t want to be free? Like Kaira, many of us want to keep moving, never settle. We love change and we’re always looking for different kinds of experiences. Gone are the days when our aspirations were only tangible – a house, a car, land or even furniture. Today’s transient generation is far more interested in investing in memories and experiences and moments.

Independence: Like Kaira, every one of us craves independence. We want to make our own decisions, live by ourselves, earn our own money and spend that, however, we deem fit, and even fall in love multiple times. If there’s anything we hold dearer than our freedom, it’s our independence.

Career: Kaira is a strong career woman with very clear goals and ambitions. She works very hard to achieve them and she believes in the simple ethos – work hard, party harder. She wants to keep growing, keep getting better and the end goal isn’t to be rich and famous. It’s to be awesome in your own eyes. Successful because you’ve earned it. She even opts for an unusual career option (and gets more than her share of flak from her chacha, mama etc) because it’s not about the paycheck. It’s about following your heart and being truly passionate about it!

Family: As the popular saying goes, we fight with those we love the most. So, it’s no wonder we fight often with our family (too often sometimes!). We rarely see eye-to-eye with our parents and usually, these fights turn ugly and things tend to go out of hand. But the best part about family? They’re always there for you, no matter what. A smile, a hug or a small apology is all it takes.

Friends: Friends are such an important part of our Zindagi. They are the family we choose and love because we want to and not because we must! We surround ourselves with people who make us feel safe, make us laugh silly and cry with us when we’re low.

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