It’s taken you some time but you’ve finally managed to save up 50,000. rupees. You’ve skipped outings with friends, borne the brunt of travelling via public transport, restrained yourself from those weekend jaunts and finally you’re here. And where is this money going?

A sofa. A sofa that you probably just saw online. A sofa that you probably experienced for an hour at a friend’s place. Seriously? It’s 2017 and you’re still worried about buying furniture for your home? Gone are the days when owning houses, cars or furniture meant you had “arrived” in life. Given a choice, wouldn’t you rather experience life and create everlasting memories? 50,000 rupees can do that instead!

So don’t make buying a sofa your biggest achievement of 2017 because Furlenco is here to help. We’ll worry about doing up your home and in turn, all we ask is for you to live your life to the fullest. How? Well, here are a few things 50,000 rupees can buy.

An adventure
Backpack across lands, visit the black sandy beaches, sit in a hot air balloon, go visit a wonder of the world. See, so many things to do – GO!



Book your tickets. Leave the country. Go to good ol’ Paris and fall in love with the Eiffel Tower. Or go to New York City, pretend you are in a Broadway musical. Travel the world. It’s waiting for you.


A hobby

So what if it’s expensive? If you can afford a 50,000-rupee sofa, you can afford an expensive hobby. Learn about wines, go taste different cheeses, join that pottery class.


A concert

Sure it might not be happening in your backyard or in India, but wouldn’t you want to listen to your favorite musician play live, in an open field? You love their music, you love the singer, you love the feeling – so what’s holding you back?


Experience life!

Isn’t it time you stopped waiting for life to happen to you? In the words of Bon Jovi, “It’s my life, it’s now or never. I ain’t going to live forever…”. So, get out there NOW!

If you’re still wondering where you are going to get your sofa from; save yourself the trouble and check out In fact, you can get more than just a sofa. You can furnish your whole home for less than one tenth your budget.

Wondering what to do with the rest of the money?!

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