It’s time for Diwali!

What does that mean?

It’s time for new things! New clothes, new phone, a whole new lease of life.
It’s that time of the year when our homes get all of our love and attention. But if all of the Great, Big Sales have left you without much time or moolah to pay your home enough attention, worry not!


Here are three ways (read AWESOME) to do up your home. They’re easy on the eyes and easier on the pocket. Read on, and you’ll see how.

Rugs and cushions:

Brighten up your space with some beautiful rugs and cushions. While they add a soft, cozy appeal to your living room, you can also cover up some unsightly spills on the couch and cracks on the floor. Multipurpose, don’t you think? Pair printed cushions with a complimentary, single colored dhurrie and you’ll see the difference. Look how good our Festive Vive Living Room package looks!



Lights will guide you home, and ignite your mood. Night or day, the right kind of lighting can change the look of your place. Go artsy and creative with a floor tripod lamp or just everyday contemporary with a single toned bright floor lamp. Either way, you can use these lamps to set the right mood for the evening. Check out our Festive Pico Bedroom for inspiration.


Furniture with storage:

Clean is the new sexy. Your home is a lot more appealing when it is clean and clutter-free. It’s okay if you are not a compulsive organizer because all you need is furniture that has storage. Old books, bags you don’t want to get rid off or just extra pillows – there’s room for everything and yet the place looks super clean. Didn’t think it was that simple now, did you? Don’t know where to find it? Rent our Nauka Diwan package!


Try out these awesome hacks and give your home the makeover it has been waiting for.

Too lazy to do this? Want an awesome looking home anyway? Furlenco It!

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