So, we’re done with another trip around the sun. What do we have to show for it? Lots of memories for one! That trip to Rishikesh. Watching Federer play live. Seeing Luke Skywalker back on the silver screen. Virat-Anushka’s gorgeous wedding that we simply can’t stop sighing over.

Wait a minute. Do we see any mention of buying things? Do you ever remember that 40,000 rs you flunked on a sofa? Mourningly, right? We thought so.

We just have one question for you: Why buy and be stuck?

Here are a few reasons why renting furniture makes sense, this year:

  1. Variety, variety, variety –

    Whoever said variety is the spice of the life was really onto something. We’re an attention-starved generation. Everything gets boring after a while. Why buy something, only to not like or get bored by it in no time at all? With Furlenco, rent awesome furniture and swap it for something else, when you inevitably want to switch it up!

  2. Save for the important things –

    It’s World Cup year. Save for that trip to Russia. Or maybe the diving course you’ve been thinking about forever. Buy your mom that beautiful choker she won’t admit she wants. The smiles are worth more than a 40,000 Rs sofa. Take our word for it.

  3. No more compromise –

    Nope. Nuh-uh. Don’t buy that second-hand iron bed. Or take your aunt’s hand-me-down creaky dining table. Pamper yourself. Live better now. With Furlenco, you can from just Rs 999/mo!

Still not convinced? We bet you will be when you check out our awesome range of beds, sofas, dining tables and much more.

Live better now. Happy New Year!

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