He was a young man, 6 months into his new job. He spent more than 3 hours in traffic, every day, commuting from home to office. On one Monday though, he woke up with the feeling that he didn’t want to do this anymore. He loved his work. He also loved the comfort of his home. But the painstaking travel was finally getting to him. As usual, he packed his bag and left for work. But he had already told his boss that he was not coming to office that day. So he went to a park that was on his route and sat there, under the shade of a tree in a quiet corner, to arrive at a solution:

I could move out of my home. I have studied in a hostel before so living by myself is nothing new. Yes, I will miss my room, mother’s cooking, the evening conversations with father; but all of us need to become independent at some point. Father would agree with that. Mother would not but would eventually warm up to the idea. Now, moving out was the solution. But where will I go?

A PG? Never. They have too many rules. They’re always crammed with people and there is barely any space to breathe. A shared accommodation where I get a room to myself? Maybe. At least I will have my own room. An independent house? A studio apartment or a small 1BHK to start off with? Sure, I can afford that with my salary. But what about setting it up?

Should I look for a fully furnished or semi-furnished home? But they’re expensive and I can’t really trust the furniture that the landlord leaves there. Plus, if anything gets damaged, the cost of repairing or replacing it will fall on my head. So, should I look for an unfurnished place? That means I can take my own bed and everything from my room there. But transporting it all is an extra cost. And what if the movers and packers damage my furniture? That means I won’t have a bed to sleep and mom will go ballistic knowing the furniture broke. So, what should I do?

And there he sat, engulfed in this difficult conundrum. Everything seemed on track until now. Everything except the answer to “how will I furnish my home?” Morning turned to lunch. Lunch turned to an evening snack but this question remained unanswered. Soon it was time to go home.

He couldn’t find an answer. So he did what all of us do when we’re stuck. He looked up and asked God for help.  Ten minutes later, his mind was still blank. I will think about this later, he thought. Let me do something different. And that is when Lord Ganesha answered…

“Fool!”, he shouted. He had seen their ad a million times on YouTube. He had even commented about how they should really stop spamming him with content. He had made it a point to dislike everything they put on social media. And now, they were the solution. Furlenco!

Now it all made sense, renting furniture. The idea that an entire home could be furnished with awesome furniture at a fraction of the cost. The idea that he could relocate to any part of the city without worrying about furniture. The idea that he could swap for any furniture and never get bored of coming home. The idea that he could save all the money he would invest on furniture and do something more meaningful with it.

So he went home with a smile on his face. It was the smile of knowing that his prayers were answered. It was time for new beginnings. All the obstacles in front of him were destroyed. He had chosen to live better now. Thanks to Lord Ganesha. And Furlenco!

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