The master bedroom is a sacred space that ties the whole house together. The day begins and ends in the master bedroom. Apart from the living room, it is the space where one perhaps spends the most amount of time. Which is why it is essential that the right colours go into it – creating the ideal personal space. Being the biggest bedroom in the house, the master bedroom has scope to incorporate different colours, layers, textures, and patterns without cluttering the space.

The master bedroom colour schemes must be chosen, with several different aesthetic and psychological attributes kept in mind. Here are some master bedroom colour ideas to keep in mind while designing your living space.

Create a moodBedroom Color Scheme- Mood

Colours speak louder than words. Your master bedroom colour palette must be based on what kind of a mood you want your room to have. Different colours are associated with different moods, and carry different energies to a space. Light colours have a more relaxing feel, while bright colours radiate energy. Understand the psyche a colour brings to a room is important.

Plan your colour

Bedroom Color Scheme- Plan Color
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In the case of most master bedrooms, an attached bathroom comes with it. In some cases, it could come with a reading area, a sitting space, a dressing room or a walk-in closet. Hence, while planning and designing your master bedroom colours, you must keep the whole space in mind. The colours must complement each other, without being too monotonous or flashy.

Use solid coloursBedroom Color Scheme- Solid Colors

Solid colours are here to stay and you can never go wrong with them. They add a dash of life to any space, without overburdening it. Ideally, the colour should be restricted to one wall, or one area, as bombarding the room with colour might be a huge eyesore. Hues of blues, reds, greens and yellows are very common solid colours used in master bedrooms.

Go DIYBedroom Color Scheme- DIY

To enhance the connect between your personal space and yourself, doing-it-yourself AKA DIY is the way to go. This way you can customize your walls as per your wish, without depending on anyone else for it. Using normal household items you can create different colours, palettes, designs, textures and tones for your walls. Behold and stare at your masterpiece every waking moment.

Stick to the basicsBedroom Color Scheme- Minimalistic

Never underestimate the power of the basic minimalistic colours. Blacks, whites and greys go a long way in enhancing various prominent features of your room. Whites give the room and large and airy feel, while black gives a classy feel to any space. Provided you decorate your walls with other accessories, the basics are a safe option to choose.

Bring the island homeBedroom Color Scheme- Beach

A growing trend in master bedroom colour schemes includes the tropic and beachy theme. Using hues of blues and greens is increasing in popularity. Throw in some tropic prints such as waves, palm trees, feathers, tropical flowers and plants, and all you’re missing is a cocktail to sip on. Bring the beachy vibes home with this look and feel.

Boho it up!

Bedroom Color Scheme- Bohemian
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Boho is yet another uber-popular theme when it comes to room décor as a whole. The whole vibe of boho is calming, soothing and soft. Boho theme revolves around warm colours such as pinks, oranges, reds and whites.  Painting the walls in the boho theme, hanging tapestry or wallpapers works when it comes to boho.

Go into the woodsBedroom Color Scheme- Wooden

Most rustic themes involve using earthy colours to give a natural, yet elegant vibe. Using hues of greens, browns and dull-oranges, do the trick when it comes to giving this vibe. With modern and minimalistic décor, this theme makes you feel like you’re a tad closer to nature while creating a regal atmosphere.

The power of pastel

Bedroom Color Scheme- Pastel
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Pastel colours along with metal-based furniture and accessories never go wrong. Whether it is a pop of pink or a splash of blue, pastel colours play a powerful role in enhancing the aesthetics of a master bedroom. So, remember not to forget the wonders pastels can do while deciding your master bedroom colours.

Bring out the retro

Bedroom Color Scheme- Retro
Source: Pinterest

Everybody loves the colour and energy of a retro vibe. It’s mostly because it’s all about mixing and matching, which is basically using what we have, tastefully. With quirky patterns such as zigzags, stripes, and swirls, the retro look and feel transport you to another time and place.

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