Multitasking Furniture for the Smart Home

Are there days when you find yourself wondering: what more can my furniture do for me”? If you are, well, you’re not the only one. Gone are the days where furniture was just used for its primary function. Today’s millennials are warming up to the idea of living in smaller spaces and are, therefore, on…

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Freedom, To be Happy. To be You.

Merriam-Webster defines ‘Independence’ as “not affiliated with a larger controlling unit.” And that was precisely what happened with India on the dawn of 15th August 1947. She found herself free from the British government. She was an independent country, free to form her own government, her own policies, and her people were free to live…

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Twist and Shout

Okay, okay, okay, okay! Okay! I know it’s been slightly more than a month since I moved into the new city and started my job but, damn!  I think I have the biggest crush on my colleague and that is not something I am extremely happy about. My job profile as a creative copy and…

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